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  1. I heart Extreme PSI
  2. Greddy 60mm Electronic Temp gauge?
  3. Electronic Boost Controllers
  4. Extreme PSI is moving to a larger facility!!
  5. The move is being finalized! Further details inside...
  6. *New Location Update*
  7. Turbo manifold
  8. Scanmaster Tool
  9. Move Finalization Update!
  10. Titanium Helix Exhaust
  11. New Products, Updates and Specials!
  12. Saw the shop, got the service, very pleased!!!
  13. Bov
  14. Thumbs Up for Extreme
  15. Manual Boost Controller...you got em??
  16. NEW Products - MAF Translator GEN 2, Greddy Engine Oil, Pauter Rods and more!
  17. exhaust gaskets?
  18. Fair Warning...
  19. Tial Wastegate spring- small red. 6.xx psi
  20. gaskets needed for turbo install
  21. 14b turbo parts
  22. i need to return a part
  23. ACT and TEIN Discounts! More info inside...
  24. Precision Turbo Sale!!
  25. New Products, Specials, Discounts, and Sales updates
  26. Apexi & Greddy Gauges Clearance!!!
  27. NGK AFX Wideband O2 Kit Overstock SUPER CLEARANCE!!!
  28. need a tune ASAP 11/10/06
  29. Exterme PSi FTW!!
  30. short shifter
  31. Happy Holidays! Holiday Coupons inside....
  32. any v-bands in stock that look like this
  33. 1g dsm bov adapter flange
  34. Walbro 255 in stock?
  35. ships in 24 hours
  36. redline mt-90?
  37. AN fitting -10AN to 1/2 npt
  38. Megan Racing products back in stock!
  39. New DB, G2 & G3 Wideband Gauge Kits from Innovate Motorsports
  40. Limited Quantity Overstock Sale: DC Sports Titanium Bars & BM Short Shifters!
  41. GM IAT Sensor and GM 3bar Map sensor?
  42. one of the best
  43. Extreme PSI Holiday Discounts and Wishes!
  44. Extreme PSI Silicone Couplers Now Available! Great Quality at Affordable Prices!
  45. Holy Carp!
  46. ecu
  47. Not Too Satisfied
  48. Brian Crower DSM 272/272 combo back in stock!
  49. *New Release* TiAL 50mm Q Blowoff Valve
  50. Quote on Wheels
  51. walbro 255 pump kit worked great
  52. 05 wrx a pillar triple gauge pod...
  53. **New Release** PLX Devices M-300 Tuner Edition
  54. Extreme PSI's August Sale: Ferrea! Wiseco!
  55. Synapse Engineering Parts
  56. Extreme PSI Overstock Sale!!
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  58. Mishimoto Radiators on Sale!!!
  59. Extreme PSI's Engine Component Sale!
  60. AEM UEGO Wideband Controller: Limited Time Sale!
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  62. Extreme PSI's Holiday Sale!
  63. Limited Time Sale! AEM EMS, AEM Serial Datastream EMS Gauge!
  64. Extreme PSI Overstock Sale: Ingalls Stiffy Torque Damper
  65. ECMLink (DSMLink) V3 is here!! Get Yours Today for $589 from ExtremePSI!
  66. Great service First timer
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  71. First time @ Extreme PSI!
  72. Forced Performance GT3582HTA Ball Bearing Turbocharger *CLEARANCE*
  73. Props to Extreme PSI
  74. Extreme PSI Silicone Couplers & Aluminum Tubing. Great Quality at Affordable Prices!
  75. dyno
  76. Avid Racing Billet Aluminum Motor Mounts: Now in stock for the Eclipse!
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  85. 7 Bolt 4G63 Manley Performance Rotating Assemblies!
  86. ExtremePSI should be every DSM'rs number one resource...
  87. Stoptech Pads?
  88. FIC Injectors
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  90. Quote request- Bride RO seat Rails for 97 Supra
  91. Genesis Coupe Parts!
  92. New Moroso Coolant Expansion Tank - WRX / STi
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