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awd driving tips for noobs

I thought this would be good to link here. good for anyone to read.

"Tip #1 and the most important


2. AWD only enhances traction on acceleration

- AWD does not enhance braking distance
- AWD does not enhance turning

The only time AWD helps is when you foot is on the GAS!

AWD golden rule, if you find yourself in trouble GAS GAS GAS, touch the brakes and your done.

Subarus dont have mighty powers they turn and brake the same as any car.

Subarus tend to turn in the snow like a front wheel drive car, push push also known as understeer, you can not turn in at 20 mph in the snow and expect the car to snap into action, it will push right out to the apex and not turn. Usually putting you into a curb.

Subarus steer out of turns much like RWD cars. The back end will slide out just like a RWD car, the tip is to keep you foot on the gas because the front wheels will pull the car out of the slide into its proper path.

Always turn in slow and accelerate out, the more you accelerate out of the more oversteer you will get and the more you will have to coutersteer to keep the car inline.

That said, all inputs to the vehicle, GAS, STEERING and BRAKING should all be done in a smooth manner not modular, ON/OFF will get you in trouble real fast.

ALWAYS look where you want the car to go not what the car is sliding towards. If you are looking at the curb while the car is sliding towards it you are going to hit it, because your hands follow your eyes. Always look where you want the car to go no matter what!

Keep your eyes on the road at all times, do not fiddle with the radio or heater controls, do that when you are stopped. One glance down can spell disaster.

Keep a good following distance as we already learned above, AWD does not enhance stopping distance.

Make sure the tool behind you isnt following to close either, and if he/she is pull over and let them pass.

Most of all be safe and have fun, keep it controled and out of the ditches, stay away from heavily traveled roads and parked cars.

Watch out for hidden curbs in parking lots you are unfamiliar with.

Everyone be safe and enjoy the winter wonderland

OH and if you don't have all seasons, stay off the road!!!

Jay "

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