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Originally Posted by 3K*VR4 View Post
for the longest time now I thought I was all alone on this haha, I'm glad I decided to randomly come back to this site and see what was going on. I think I like you guys lol.
It drives me absolutely nuts. But at the same time it makes me laugh my ass off.

I have had idiots who drive cambered out Civic hatches (rolling on some baller ass XXRs) actually come up to my car at a meet and say I was stupid for modding my Juke. I laughed and told them thanks, and that I love how my wheels cost more than their entire car, which I followed up by saying I thought it was stupid how only 1/8th of their tires make contact with the ground. These are same idiots I get stuck behind on the highway because they can't get their cars up to highway speeds or they have to go slow because they have to be vigilant about avoiding potholes.

At the end of the day, I do enjoy going to meets because my Juke gets a ton of attention. It gets attention no matter where I go which is kind of why I put so much work into it. People mod their cars to get attention or to go fast. Personally, I feel the tuner community in general deserves something different and unique.

Going to a meet and walking down a row of cars where it is all Civics that look exactly the same has run its course. If I go to a meet and half the cars are either S13s that look like they belong in a junkyard or 50% of the cars are cambered, I usually get in my car and leave.
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