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Got Insulin?
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Tell me about 2000s Navigator/Expedition

Came up on a pretty good deal on a high mileage (190k) 2000 Navigator andwas just curious as to whether anybody had experiences, good or bad, with them. Mostly it'll be used for putzing around and as a winter truck, but my main interest in it is that is has the towing capacity for whatever I could need. It has had the troublesome air suspension switched out to a strut system, so that's a positive, but I'm just wondering how they've aged.

Plus, if I ever want to get this rap career off the ground, gotta have a jump-off.
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is it the 4.6 or 5.4? The 5.4s have a tendency to blow spark plugs out.
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and the transmission aren't all that great at higher miles
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If its a 5.4 dohc they tend to burn up exhaust valves. Check the front suspension and make sure the tie rods and ball joints are in good shape. Check the rear trailing arms they are known for rotting out. Getting rid of the air suspension is a plus lol.
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-5.4 like to eat spark plugs
-Trans coolers like to clog
-Trans overheat from said clog and dump
-Always needs ball joints.
-Chains are known to need maintenance between 170-200k(As much as everyone says chains don't need to be touched we were doing one every two weeks at my last shop)

There are some better options out there for tow vehicles.
C-17 Loadmaster
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