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pulled over for a "NON- Stock" exhaust

i got pulled over the other day because the police officer said my exhaust was "non stock". he said any exhaust OTHER then stock is illegal. that just sounds a little to Vague to me. what if i had a car and it was 20 years old and the whole exhaust rusted off so a bought a new one. that isnt stock so now thats illegal?? i was just very confused. he also added and i quote (pretty much ha) "You see how your muffler is big like that? yeah, thats not legal.) sounded like he had no idea what he was tlaking about, just sounded like a reason for him to pull me over and look to see if i had any warrants.
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What state did this happen in? If Delaware, I'll type out the exhaust law word for word for you and try and help you understand it a little better. If PA or any other state, I'm sure the Officer's on here from those states will be willing to help you out, too.
Answering all your Delaware law questions...
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In PA it is not illegal to change your exhaust system from a stock one. It must still have a muffler or resonator on it for obvious emission reasons. You cannot have a cutout, bypass, or similar device in place on your exhaust system. To sum it up as long as the exhaust system passes inspection and it does not exceed the noise levels set forth by the commonwealth which run from (soft site) 82db @ 35mph or less to 86db @35mph or more, (hard site) 84db @ 35mph or less to 88db @ 35mph or more. Oh, soft site includes surfaces covered with grass or other ground cover; hard site includes concrete, asphalt, packed dirt, and gravel surfaces (just FYI)

Hope this helps
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