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PA: Driving with suspended registration (Not my car,was "fixed" before I was stopped)

Got stopped today in my sisters car. Apparently the cop ran the plate and it came up as suspended registration.

Now, this isnt my car and i was just driving ill state that before i get yelled at for anything. Lol. Previously(last summerish), it was reported the insurance lapsed and the company reported it to the state who wanted their plate back. Few months ago my mom dealt with everything and the AARP provided us with a paper saying blah blah blah, your insurance is fine, you had no lapse. This was given to the state, where it apparently was thrown out(Because they're ****ing morons). We just found this out today after i was stopped and it was STILL suspended, not fixed. They said they didnt like the heading of AARP's letter and it had missing info.

So anyway, the cop gave me a warning and paper to get it fixed within 5 days. After our dealings today and finding all the papers that said the car was perfectly fine (even if PENNDOT is retarded and didnt reinstate the registration) we are left with the fact that i have 5 days to get the officer to see the car is legal. How in the hell am i going to do this. We had the insurance company informed and they are sending a revised paper to the state with all the info the state needs but if that doesnt happen in 5 days what then?

Should we go explain the situation with the proof the car was insured the full time and hope it works? What kind of fines and penalties are we looking at if it doesnt happen in that time? The cop said i would get a ticket and license suspension if i didnt comply in 5 days. I find no where in the PA law (ive been looking) that i may get a suspension of my driving, just a possible fine of $100 to $500 bucks. What am i looking at here? Any insight would be awesome.

Edit: Just saw in the point thread the info about a three month suspension for suspended registration. Well that blows. Thanks for letting me use the car, mother. Haha.

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