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Tri-State Training Wheels
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My Ride:
93 LS1 Rx7(gone), 01 C5z

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a12secondscooby's budget LS1 Fd track car...ain't that an oxymoron

Figured I'd crosspost this from norotors since I know a lot of the people on TST. I built my Fd originally in 2007 with the following stuff:
  • 1993 Touring FD chassis with sunroof ~136k miles
  • 2001 LS1/T56 originally from Camaro with ~ 50k miles-internally stock
  • Hinson Motorsports swap kit with torque arm using F- body mounts with prothane inserts (including mounts, battery relocation, bumpsteer correction, cooling system, clutch hydraulics which have been switched from 7/8 to 13/16 master cylinder, fuel system, wiring)
  • JTR 1 ¾ mild steel longtube headers and dual 3” into single 3” exhaust exiting through HKS ‘HiPower’ catback
  • Custom cold air intake with filter mounted in driver side front bumper area
  • No power steering -looped line
  • No air conditioning
  • S4 Turbo II clutch type LSD in FD3s housing with stock 4.10 ring and pinion
  • Gab Sports Coilovers -unknown spring rates
  • Fully functional factory ABS
  • Delrin replacement bushing kit
  • Knock off 18x8.5 +38 front wheels with 235/40 Sumitomos and 18x9.5 +45 rear wheels with 275/35 Sumitomos

I had the car together from early 2007-the end of 2009. During this time I drove it about 20k miles, autocrossed it a bunch of times, drag raced it a few, and had a great time. Eventually I decided I would like to make it more of a track car and tore it down. It took me a bit over a year to get it back together, during which I thought about selling and even went so for as to create a for sale listing on here. I eventually got it back together and decided to keep it. Here's where I am now and what I'm planning on doing:

  • Went to a homemade lay-back radiator setup with OTR air intake. Had to make the ducting myself, and plan to revise it with a bigger filter(s) at some point.
  • Improved Racing F-body oil pan baffle and low-profile oil cooler adapter. Plumbed this into a stock FD oil cooler. Between this and the stupid 160F thermostat I did originally, my heat now sucks. I will be going back to a stock thermostat.
  • New oil pan gasket and valve-cover gaskets. Not to exciting but now they don't leak.
  • F-body power steering pump installed. I did the spring mod AND the Turn-one reduction fitting. This combo has made for very mild assist with excellent feedback, but just enough assist to make autocross a lot more manageable I think. Between the alternator, the power steering and the oil cooler lines, the driver side front of the engine is a bit cramped
  • Ceramic coated the JTR headers. Don't know why I ordered these without coating originally, now they stay a bit cooler and look a lot nicer.

  • Accusump
  • Catch can
  • I have a 224 cam sitting around. Should probably put that in eventually.
  • When I did the S4 LSD into the FD housing I just dropped it in, took a shot at the shimming according to what other people had done, and went off driving. That has lasted fine for the last 20k miles, but their is significant play in the gearing. I get a bit of a vibration out of gear, and some clunking on take off. Pretty sure its the rear or the driveshaft since the pillowballs are all new, the toe links are tight, and I have Delrin diff mount bushings. I plan to replace the U-joints on the driveshaft and rebuild the rear. Figuring out what U-joints Hinson used should be fun. I picked up a spare stock rear to put in the car while I rebuild the one with the S4 stuff. Should be fun. I'd like to get one of Samberg's diff mounts as well, but I get surprisingly little wheel hop with the torque-arm setup.
  • Need to do a new exhaust. Going to do a dual 3" into single 3.5" with a cat. NJ has gone to an idle/3k rpm sniffer test for emissions, so I'm curious to see if I can make this pass.

  • Got some sweet new shoes, 17" RPF1s.
  • Installed new rear brake calipers with working parking brakes so I can partake in some sliding shenanigans.
  • C-west style sleek headlights with hella 90mm low beams and driving lights as high beams are done. Had to mount the lows a little lower than what would have been perfect for the shape of the c-west housings. That being said I like how they turned out in terms of looks and the output is leaps and bounds better than stock. One of the covers had a small piece of a corner chipped off, so I'll probably buy some new ones when I can afford it. Considering trying an H9 HID kit for the hell of it.
  • Picked up an APR GTC-300 wing. The wing is on 10" pedestals rather than the 13" pedestals that the FD normally uses. However it has better AOA adjusters. I'm planning on machining some 2 or 3" risers so that I can use these adjusters rather than going to FD pedestals.
  • Momo steering wheel and eliminated most of the air bag sensors and a good amount of the wiring.

  • Front splitter/undertray. Probably going to do about 2" of stick out from the 99 lip. Currently up in the air between going cheap(alumalite) or super cheap(marine plywood). Leaning super cheap.
  • Carbon fiber sunroof delete panel.
  • When I was trying to sell I put the rear 1/4s and the bins back in. Now that I'm keeping it those are coming back out. I also have Corbeau A4s(one with pretty bad bolster wear) for seats right now. I am definitely getting rid of one of those in favor of a Corbeau Forza(so I can reuse the rails I have), probably both.
  • Roll bar. Was going to try to make one myself, but I'll probably just buy one at this point.

Pics of a very dirty car before headlight cover mounts were finalized:

Crappy iphone picture of final headlight mount(they are actually level, I just can't hold a camera):


Interior as of now with new circuit breaker and fuse panel:

APR GTC-300 on 10" pedestals:

Video of one of the first start's in over a year. The terrible noise ended up being the idler pulley I had to reinstall for the power steering. Scared the hell out of me. You can also see the headlight mounts here.

Finally, the car next to my parents' newest toy:

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Tri-State Training Wheels
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Join Date: May 2010
Member #16544

My Ride:
93 LS1 Rx7(gone), 01 C5z

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A couple videos of me sliding around like an idiot:


And one of me autcrossing:
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