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1971 VW Bug

My first car is my 1971 VW Super Beetle. This car was given to me by my older brother when I was only 15. It was the car I learned stick on and has been a blast since I was able to first drive.

I don't have pictures of it when I first owned it that are digital, but it started out completely stock. My brother helped with all the body work and welding to replace all the usual stock rust areas. We originally painted it Porsche Red, and after a few years, I decided on Porsche Green.

We even attempted suicide doors, but after a few failed attempts, put the doors back to stock.

The motor has been rebuilt twice now. It started as a crate 2110cc, but we changed out the cylinders to increase to 2180cc.

Current mods:
Lowered Struts
KYB shocks
Centerline wheels
Front strut brace
Traction bar
T-bar bumpers
Custom turn signals and teardrop taillights
Billet running boards
Fiberglass dash with Autometer gauges
Aftermarket seats and door panels
Fabric headliner
Scat short throw shifter
Decklid standoffs for increase cooling to motor
Built trans w/ super diff
Chromoly race axels

Engine Specs:
2180cc VW motor, stroked and bored
Autocraft hi lift rockers
Engle 120 cam
P/P high flow heads, 42 x 37.5 valves
Dual 48 IDF Weber Carbs
Merged headers

Some pics:

The car is effectively where I want it to be, however it wasn't running 100% last summer. The jetting on the carbs is off and I haven't had a chance to play around with it.

Also, once I have the money, I want to replace the interior, or at least get recovered as I bought them used from another bug owner. Would also love to build a 2275cc with some dual Weber IDA's and get a Gene Berg 5 speed transmission.
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