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Originally Posted by RedBowTies88 View Post
yea but the harness and seat will be separate from the seat unlike it is now. that i will BE SURE is safe before i drive in it. i hate getting hit in the face with an airbag as much as the next guy.

and again i see what you're saying in the seat back department in the case of someone rear ending me. but also you guys need to remember this is a big truck. its gonna take the shot and jump forward like most cares, unless i was hit by a mack truck. i was rear ended in my old truck at 30+ (impact speed not before the hit the brakes speed) by a ford tarus and a new bumper and bed and she was good as new. wasn't very violent in the truck at all
i'm not sure how you would test it since i remember being excited and sitting in the seats in my garage while i waited for my rails - i had no issues and it felt solid to me.
then about a week into driving with the seats it broke- I eventually had to stuff boxes between the backseat and the back of the seat to keep it upright until i took it out to put the stock ones back in.

why bother when you can get a single corbeau for like 300 bones?
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