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Originally Posted by james_ls View Post
Please keep in mind that "cheap" and "seats" should never go in the same sentence.

It's a HUGE safety feature, not just somewhere to put your ass.
Originally Posted by RedBowTies88 View Post
if you can explain to me how it would be more unsafe then what i have now please do so. keep in mind i drive a 7000lbs tank. the factory seats do nothing for saftey if anything they're more dangerous because they weigh a ton
listen to james_ls
i had a set of knockoff sparco seats
the recling mechanism snapped while driving in it and i fell backward while driving 35-45 mph. luckily i didn't lose control of the steering wheel.

as far as seatbelts you could get used seat belt clips and bolt them to the seat frames that bolt to the car.
when i had my seats in my old civic there was a metal tab you can bolt up the stock belt clip to and then use the stock belts.
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