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  1. Fast Honda
  2. EVO vs STi, Tranny/Diff Shootout!
  3. Usefull Fule info
  4. Smokescreen aka "asian tim" lays down some dyno #'
  5. Radiator Repair
  6. DIY Cold Air
  7. Need welding done ASAP!!!!
  8. Anybody use water injection?
  9. Does anyone have a tap/die set?
  10. My Project Red is coming together ! **Updated**
  11. HA HA! Passed Inpection!!!
  12. Recommendations for exhaust work?
  13. My day at the dyno
  14. warmer air
  15. is this much oil bad???
  16. Is it just my car?? This hot night blows
  17. Fuel Injection Help
  18. Piston and rotary engine love child
  19. Block sleeving in Tri-State area.
  20. N20 pill size for 100 shot?
  21. Anyone have low cost exhaust work?
  22. How fast is fast, how slow is slow?
  23. Cold Air Intake Worries?
  24. why is my brand new MBC leaking??
  25. My STI tuned to 393whp today on 93oct
  26. Sincere Put down a big number or what he has...
  27. Greddy type rs blowoff valve
  28. ebay knock off BOVs ??
  29. I ****ing Hate Vacuum Leaks!
  30. Just another honda: 654whp/467tq, stock sleeves
  31. some evo eye candy: 775 whp
  32. My Dyno 8/28/05
  33. bov/bypass valve related question
  34. How do you set a bypass valve?
  35. Who uses a BIG AIR FILTER?
  36. What kinda oil you use?
  37. Q about electronic boost controllers
  38. used to the power?
  39. Who has the most HP on TST????
  40. Turbo Gurus - Is this turbo leaking oil or is it fine?
  41. Anybody have a Walbro 255 l/hr pump I can borrow right away (sunday)?
  42. How-to DIY Port and Polish
  43. What is Octane and why some shouldn't use 93 or more
  44. which boost controller?
  45. machine shop to port a srt-4 intake manifold
  46. Sick EVO VIII 826AWHP 597ft/lbs VIDEO ON THE BOTTOM
  47. TECH: Exhaust Leaks
  48. All about slim-line fans
  49. Nitrous NOS ZEX n2o
  50. Turbo VS. Supercharger VS. Nitrous VS. big displacement
  51. Presenting to you: The Twincharged ION Red Line
  52. Catted vs Cattless
  53. Oil catch can with baffles?
  54. Engine Break-in
  55. Top ten engines in 2006
  56. Srt-4 Bov
  57. Recharging K+N Filter...? (How much to oil it?)
  58. clutch slipping like a mother ****er
  59. uppipe and downpipe install
  60. what to do with my 14b?
  61. uppipe?
  62. Where can I get my N2o fillled at?
  63. ATTN: Mobil 1 syn users
  64. cats on the spec-v
  65. Sr20det red top swap.
  66. Exhaust size, noise, and power goals.
  67. Seafoam
  68. The car I'm looking at needs some work
  69. Full Vibrant Exhaust
  70. Grounding Wires - Whats the verdict???
  71. Greddy Type S???
  72. I Need Your Opinions
  73. auto- manual conversion
  74. What should i get?
  75. 1G engine to 2G body
  76. NOLOGY PowerCore???
  77. Boosted or Blown???
  78. ROTARY GUYS - Gas & Oil???
  79. stupid question??? maybe
  80. Who does custom exhaust???
  81. Getting Off Stock Exhaust Cleanly
  82. RealslowSRT4 using 89 octane
  83. burning a lot of oil
  84. Will removing my subs give me any power
  85. Water Temp gauge
  86. got fuel ?????
  87. How much $$ to balance a 4cyl?
  88. 3.9 Final Drive Gears
  89. Sucks to be this guy but then again
  90. upgrade turbo
  91. N/a-> turbo
  92. Is AT as crappy as i think it is?
  93. exaust
  94. the banana boat burning oil real bad
  95. how long can i go with synthetic blend
  96. N/A Raising compression??
  97. Clutch Question
  98. Alcohol Injection: Who is running it and who wants to run it?
  99. SP2 goin N-1
  100. Venon 400 PCM?
  101. Will I rumble
  102. opinion on modding a car?
  103. Factory Specs
  104. 2g intake pipe
  105. found this in my garage dunno what its for?
  106. WRX Owners chime in: Exedy Stage 1 Clutch + Lightweight Flywheel...
  107. Turbonetics or APS
  108. Nismo Install
  109. Yo, Little help, What should I do next
  110. my little problem...
  111. D16 / 91 Civic Si Turbo Options?
  112. Good Engine Shops In NJ or Pa
  113. need some help with exhaust
  114. Possible Engine Problem
  115. New FMIC *update with install pic*
  116. Prelude distributor
  117. D17 series turbo?
  118. turbo question
  119. Civic SI question...
  120. Injectors
  121. Water/Methanol Injection FAQ + New: Where to buy it locally
  122. Anyone know of a good head/machine shop?
  123. Trouble boosting
  124. MSD Ignition Options.
  125. please help
  126. lightend flywheel?
  127. Hondata
  128. Anyone know a good shop in PA or NJ for custom Header
  129. Subaru Guys, i need your help!
  130. i need some info on dsm engines
  131. Downpipe advice
  132. Shop in Philly that does good cylinder head work
  133. Should I go EWG??
  134. problems with 04 evo please help!
  135. delete
  136. New TMIC test today.
  137. Probably a stupid question about cold/ram air
  138. HG issues?
  139. Exhaust pipe install.
  140. WORX Bov
  141. Cold air intake connected to hood scoop
  142. Mobil 1 syn oil
  143. Confused about dual turbos
  144. evolution motorsports?
  145. dsm guys... removing coolant from 14b 16g etc..?
  146. difference between d.p.'s?!
  147. torque converter
  148. Auto Blow Off Valve?
  149. B18 Build up!!
  150. Laser Engine Swap..hmmm
  151. Front-mounted intercoolers vs. Hood scoop intercoolers
  152. Overheating issue
  153. jdm sti tmic vs. ebay tmic
  154. My brother is trying to hook a A/F gauge up to his stock sensor in his 97 GSR
  155. Mathemeticians... Need some Geometry Help... Surface Area of 3 Cone Filters...
  156. Bucks County Area--Coolingmist stage 2 Install Help on WRX (money/pizza/beer)
  157. 2.4 Turbo Kit?
  158. Whats the deal? bovs bad for all turbo cars or what?
  159. More lies...
  160. electronic dump!!!!
  161. Can anyone tell where would be a good place to get a jdm 4g63t from?
  162. AEM TruBoost
  163. how to on breaking-in motors
  164. microtech ecu
  165. fuel pump rewire?
  166. hot wires vs cool wires ?
  167. Finally stopped my CAI from rubbing against fender.
  168. Boost Leak?!
  169. questions about zex kit
  170. 91 Spirit R/t
  171. turbo rebuilt
  172. TurboCharger/SuperCharger: Car Warranty
  173. dyno question
  174. TD04 turbo questions
  175. i dont know why the CEL keeps coming on??
  176. CAI or SRI
  177. Block and Head work.
  178. someone fix my Boost leak $
  179. My new intake
  180. Tuning a Hallman ES MBC
  181. I really need you guys help
  182. Need recommendation for turbo oil line sizes...
  183. Possible BHG on '89 240
  184. Home Depot Oil Catch Can 30 dolla DIY
  185. what should I do next?
  186. header question
  187. This is what rod knock sounds like...
  188. O2 sensor simulator help
  189. Clocking a 13g 14b or 16g turbo? How to rotate?
  190. DynoTune n20 setups
  191. A1 Steak sauce bottle catch can!
  192. safc2 vs safcneo
  193. Dual Chamber 02 Housing.....
  194. Engine rebuild?
  195. Question for the Honda guys
  196. How to check a AFPR?
  197. Question for all the 240 guys
  198. 2g Dsm Guys
  199. I got a question
  200. lt1 guys i need some help! i can't figure it out i think its the VATS
  201. going F/I on high milelage motor?
  202. head gasket
  203. Intakes...what to do
  204. How To: Taking apart a turbo
  205. good stuff
  206. James ls vtec
  207. v6 header install
  208. Needed: A shop to surface my block and heads!!asap
  209. External Wastegate questions
  210. o2 sensor question
  211. I heart road tuning
  212. mustang questions
  213. Any Nissan ITB Gurus Here?
  214. 1g motor into 2g car, questions!
  215. hks ssqv worth selling?
  216. WAI injection Nozzle Application
  217. Dsm Rebuild
  218. 2g dsm alternator problem...where do i pull it out from??? HELP!
  219. Need a motor builder and machinest
  220. How to: Read spark plugs....
  221. Need some help here, car wont start
  222. Opinions about this oil catch can...
  223. Making real power w/ my Civic - Nitrous, Turbo, or Swap?
  224. AMW catch can question
  225. Gas Octane......????
  226. turbine a/r won't affect boosthreshold
  227. pretty sure i messed this up but know what i did...
  228. Would you trust this turbo kit???
  229. what turbo is this?
  230. Sr20det
  231. Need help with turbo oil line routing... PICS Inside
  232. CEL code P0030
  233. what should the stuff in your catch can look like? ...
  234. Rebuild Kit
  235. is this sound a leak or my sc
  236. GReddy RS BOV?
  237. Downpipe power gain
  238. Hks bov owners please look and help!
  239. Custom Turbo - Who has done it
  240. vacuum gauge
  241. ever hear of this turbo kit??
  242. 14b and head gasket question
  243. Exhaust
  244. T3/T4 Question
  245. Anyone know where to get connecting rods Shot-peened? etc..
  246. twin turbo 4cylinder
  247. Just ordered a lighter pulley
  248. Site with different BOV sound recordings
  249. Volkswagen exhaust
  250. 1991 pontiac firebird help