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Non-Reportable Accident question

My girlfriend was involved in an accident in December of 07. What happened was she stopped at a 4 way stop sign intersection. She claimed that it was her turn to go through the intersection, and when she started to go the person in a chevy SUV to the left of her either started to go while it was her turn or blew the stop sign (she didn't see this vehicle there when she had stopped while waiting her turn to go.) The SUV grinded the front end of my girlfriends car. The damage was not a lot on my girlfriends car, but the SUV had good damage to the doors. The woman she collided with called the police, and the officer came and investigated. The officer issued a "non-reportable accident". No one was issued at fault at the accident, just mere mis-communication (the lady claimed that it was her turn to go too.) The officer even said that they didn't need to call police for this type of accident. Later on, my girlfriend finds out that her premium went up because the lady called my girlfriends insurance company and said it was her fault, even though the officer said no one was at fault. Now my girlfriend has to pay more for something that wasn't deemed her fault. My girlfriend did not claim any of her damages to the ladies insurance company, or her own. It wasn't bad, so no need to.

My question is, what can she do about this? She is going to contact the insurance company but doesn't know how to back any of this up. What is a non-reportable accident, and how can she be at fault the officer gave no one tickets or deemed anyone at fault? How can she defend herself?

Thanks in advance,

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Yes have her contact the insurance co. You must yeld to the right but if you girlfriend crashed into the other cars door it may have be detremined by the insurance co that she was at fault.
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