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Cited for no front bumper.

Sorry this may be kinda long, but don't want to leave anything out.

*This past Sunday I got a call from a buddy that he needed some parts. I had just finished installing a new alternator on my car. I had to remove the the front clip of my car because I have euro core support, I pretty much had everything back on except my front bumper. Headlights and all marker lights were in working order, so I figured there would be no harm in driving up there without it.
So I headed up to Parkside, PA. Got into town and made the right onto is street, then pulled in his driveway. A Parkside police officer pulled in behind me and turned on his lights. I shut the car off and waited. He walked up and this is pretty much how the convo went.
Officer: do you know why I pulled you over today?
Me: no sir
Officer: where is your front bumper?
Me: oh, it's at my house.
Officer: you do realize it's illegal and dangerous to operate a vehicle without one?
Me: I'm sorry I didn't know, I'm from Maryland and didnt have a problem is the past.
Officer: license and registration.*
I Handed him my license, had to get my registration out of a binder in my trunk. Gave it to him, he walked back to his car, I hopped in my car, closed the door and waited.
10-15 minutes later he walked back with a camera in hand. (This is the part that sucks but I'm not going to raise this issue nor did I say anything to the officer. ) he set his camera on my trunk lid. Walked up to me and handed me a ticket. Rest of the convo..

Officer: like I said it's dangerous to operate a vehicle without a front bumper. A rock could fly up and hit your radiator, (talking about my intercooler, but I didn't try and explain that to him) The ticket is for $109.50.*
Me: okay sir

At this point he drags the camera off my trunk, it wasn't a point a shoot, it was kinda big, like an DSLR. He takes a photo of the front of my car, says good day and leaves. I hop out and check my trunk, and there are a few scratches on my trunk from the camera. Whatever I guess, **** happens. But now I'm left with a $109 fine to pay, and scratches on my trunk.

So my question, is there any way of having this ticket dropped? I used to MD where if anything is wrong with the vehicle you get a "fix it" ticket. Fix the problem have a state trooper make sure the issue is fixed within 15 days and you are good. Can I drive back up there and talk to someone at the station, fully explain to them why I didn't have a bumper on that day? Or do I have to wait till the court date?
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you had no front crash bar or no front bumper cover
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98 jetta vr6t

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Just the bumper cover was off. The rebar was still installed.
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