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Ground Zero Performance

Sorry to do this since its a lil late. But i feel to let people who are going to spend there hard earned money on getting there car either fixed or modified. Well it all begins when i decided to bring my car to Ground Zero Performance, i wanted them to put in a new turbo and flywheel, which was a fidanza 12.5 i believe and a big 16g turbo with manni. It kinda started when they kept pushing the car back when he said it was going to take about a week. It took about two months. They also were messing with the intercooler piping and my crappy exhaust. I was upset due to the fact that i didnt have a car, and i needed to get to work. I also had to rely on other people. Then when i would call no one would pick up, or they would hang up on me. They were very unprofessional. Then on the quote he gave me was way off he said it would be like 1000 or so then it increased to i believe to around 1400. They also broke many pieces on my car, for example i had hans put a second gen maf on my car and he broke the recuritive tube. I asked to have my intercooler fixed, like have the piping routed ok, he used like old exhaust parts to make the intercooler piping. Also he messed something up on my oil lines on the oil pan they leak like mad now. When the car was on the dyno the wheel the left wheel wasnt tight and was wobbling on the dyno. Also kept blowing off intercooler piping on the dyno. The car was only running 10psi. Had some stupid T fitting for my coolant lines for my turbo, at which going to work the line split and spooled coolant all over my new turbo and manni. They broke my speedometer cable. I am not done yet, about 2.30 at nite driving home from my gf house the axle came out of the intermediate shaft and was flopping around. Because they used air tools and must of had a bad impact gun or something was wrong with there air compressor. Then when i would call to talk about all these problems i got no where, his silent partner threatend me over phone if i dont stop calling that he will call the police. Which i told him please do so i can explain to them that they are theifs. Then when i still kept calling they would never answer or pick up and hang up on me. The customer service was horrible. A three old kid could do better. I would still like to have compensation for getting this work doen by someone else. I would never ever do business with ground zero performance again. I wouldnt even take my car there to get dynoed. His business is pretty much useless. I dont know how they are still in business. Thats why they have some many cars hanging in there ghetto parking lot, Either people cant afford it or they dont know how to fix them. I am going to report him to the better business bureau. So i am hoping he will read this and pm me so he can work something out so i can take most of this stuff back. But if not in the next will report him. Oh by the way my name is vinny and i own the 93 gsx.
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