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Old 04-25-2012, 04:38 PM   #1
Tri-State Addict
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A Honda boat, and civic with fancy badges

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Red Evo X - Concord Pike, Delaware

Red Evo X - carbon fiber trunk, lowered, black wheels

Saw you give it some gas pulling away at the stop light next to taco bell and Boston Market. Little blacked out civic or Saturn next to you (barely caught the rear quarter of it) Pretty quite while driving normal but sounded sick when you got on it for the brief moment you did.

I know I've seen this one around before - Not sure if it was Mishimoto's or not since i didn't get a look at the tags. i recall seeing 2 different modified red evo X's in the area but it's rare i see either anymore.
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Old 04-29-2012, 10:29 AM   #2
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'91 Jeep Wrangler, '93 Ford Bronco

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i know the exact car you're talking about. i don't think he's on here though
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Old 01-21-2016, 08:56 PM   #3
Matt Phillips
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Piece of **** ricer civic makes some weird noises no fart cannon tho.

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I know this a late reply but a lot of people know about this guy and his evo lol he lives in darthmouth woods his car has a lot of crap done to it lol i used to talk to him a lot when I was in high school but I can't get a hold of him nowadays. the guy is cool as crap a his name is Danny younger black guy and I actually have seen the car till this day lol I've seen it in the road multiple times within the last year or so saw it a few days ago 2 times in one day car is very fast making about roughly 400awhp since the last time I've talked to him he has a hks hi power exhaust gold wheels this day and age lol carbon fiber hood front lip trunk and that's about it and a nice ass motor know what kind but who cares when ya got an evo lol sorry for the huge reply cya!
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