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Honda Help. Turbo or NA

So I know there is tons of honda heads on here and I need help with my build. Im not sure if I wanna turbo my B16 or keep it NA. As is right now I beat stage 2 srt4s, k20s...

JDM B16b on b16 trans
-auto zone Intake
-Buddy Club Header
-Buddy Club 2.5 Exhaust
-Type R cams
-Chipped and Tuned p28.

Vtec at 4800 and redline at 9400.

Tons of people are telling me to booast my car and it will be a beast motor.

I heard b16s and Type R cams on boost are known to blow up and I dont wanna do that.

I can change out the pistons and get a better fuel rail, injectors, and Hondata and run a small turbo at 9psi and be close to 300wph.

Or I was thinking about doing
All motor with
-Buddy Club Header
-Buddy Club 2.5 Exhaust
-Type R cams
-Type R Inake Mani
-3 Inch AEM Intake
-TB (Not sure of what kind yet)
-Hondata s200
-Port and Polish Head
-Injectors (not sure what size)

I also want to change out my b16 5th gear with a LS 5th gear.

And have a all motor beast close to 205whp. I am going towards all motor more cause I don't wanna risk blowing my motor up with a turbo.
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