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91 Prelude engine problems...still...

ok, so after 2 of my cylinders died i finally put my car in the shop to get a another head put on....they had the head shipped to a machine shop to be checked out (the new one) it checked out great....the mechanic put it in and told me he checked my engine before he started and determined that the oil burning was coming from the top side, so the new head gets put in....and he tells me that they traced a new problem to the number 3 fuel injector shooting lean, causing a lean misfire after it was all done...i pay for the 800$ job and tell them my car will be picked up later after they close, when i pick it up i drive it off and holy **** a mountain of white smoke desides to start pouring from the exhaust for about 10 minutes (i figure thats just the cleaning chems they used to clean the pistons and whatnot burning off since it stopped 10 minutes afterwards) after it warms up i really start to drive her hard, i hit about 6000 rpms the engine boggs down for a few seconds and then shoots to 7k like a brand new engine.

all seems well with her then, until i look out the rear view mirror and see a cloud of smoke (mabye blue mabye white i couldnt tell it was night time) my question is could this be caused by a screwed over fuel injector? or did the mechanic rip me off telling me the whole problem was topside in the engine....?

i mean all in all after i got her back, the old pull the plug wires while its running trick showed me that the number 3 cylinder is still not changing anything when i remove the plug (but he did tell me that FI#3 was running lean) could that be causing that....argh, im so confused
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