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Originally Posted by highmilehatch

94+ B18C1 OBD-1 hydro into 94+ Integra/92-95 Civic:

1.8 Liter DOHC VTEC Engine Hydraulic Operated Transmission.
180hp/126tq/10.6 Compression Ratio.
8000 RPM Redline.
4400 RPM Vtec Engagement.
P72 ECU.

Complete swap consists of:

-Engine bay wash
-Engine and transmission installed
-Modified DX/Si/EX/LX Harness w/Vtec, knock sensor, IAB
-Axles and shift linkage
-Fully functional A/C and power steering

$3800.00 Installed. Add $300.00 for LSD.
I have a few questions.

1. 3800 is for everything out the door? motor/trans/install/axles ... everything you need to drive it away?

2. What kind of warrenty is implied?

3. $300.00 more for LSD. What kind of lsd. Is that a type-r tranny?

4. Would you guys be able to paint a engine bay when you take the old motor out?

5. Is it cheaper if the motor is removed before the car is brought to you? If so how much cheaper? PM me if you dont want to post it.

6. How much is it for JUST the motor, no swap. motor/trans/ecu/manifolds/injectors etc.

please get back to me asap, im interested. also were is your shop located.

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