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My Day at PSI PRO! A+ Shop!

First let me say a massive THANK YOU to Travis (And I feel really horrible, but I forgot the name of the mechanic who worked on my car the entire day and night and stuck with us until 2am, you and Travis are the best!) and all the guys over at the shop for the long hours they put into my car to get it back to me last night.

The fabrication work these guys do is just unmatched! They did something no other shop has been able to do, and that is make a true 1 piece 3 inch down pipe for my Juke. It's seriously ridiculous.

Despite the absurd unforeseen problems we ran into, these guys handled it with respect, class, and professionalism to get the job done not only right, but looked good doing it too. I was at the shop a very long time yesterday but had a good time. These guys are great people, they like to have fun while getting their work done. I was just completely blown away by how much further PSI PRO went for my goofy little Juke, when you think about these guys work on 400HP-800HP+ cars all the time, and not some sad little 1.6T crossover lol.

Though I think They were surprised by the numbers this thing was pulling on the dyno. So again I just want to say thank you for the hard work and long hours everyone at PSI PRO put in for me. They went above and beyond and can now be proud (or embarrassed lol) to say they helped make the fastest Juke in the states currently.

I'd go to them again in heart beat (though I am not sure how welcomed I'd be at this point after last night haha), and think I might come next year for some custom intercooler work.

This shop is the real deal run by some top notch guys. Thanks again!
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