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Originally Posted by Vr-4-Life View Post
maybe i just got lucky but my vr4 is MINT. Garage kept and it was owned by a 25 year old.

I saw tru2blues and i felt like it was frankenstiened together with spare parts...

buyer beware.. I have no problems with hans and i may give them some business one day
Your car was def. an enthusiast owned 3/S.

I was looking at pictures of your car, you really did snag a nice one. Most are not near as clean, your car must have been garage kept most of it's life.

I had a pearl white one as well, it decent shape- but- spun a bearing shortly after I bought it and later found it it needed a TOB and 60k when I bought it.

I won't be buying another unless I'm sure of condition, and, will be yanking the oil pan and checking out bearings before purchase. Not gettin' burned again lol.

Seriously though, a working 3000GT VR4 is one of the best cars you can drive... but a broken one is one of the worst.
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