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Originally Posted by Got Insulin? View Post
You will if you have a properly installed harness during an impact, or if you're suddenly accelerating (your butt is against the fold of the seat), or if someone hits you from behind. And your last statement would automatically eliminate most cheap seats.

And likely, James wasn't pissed because they broke. He would have probably been terrified that that could have happened in the case of an impact, or during another situation.
yea but the harness and seat will be separate from the seat unlike it is now. that i will BE SURE is safe before i drive in it. i hate getting hit in the face with an airbag as much as the next guy.

and again i see what you're saying in the seat back department in the case of someone rear ending me. but also you guys need to remember this is a big truck. its gonna take the shot and jump forward like most cares, unless i was hit by a mack truck. i was rear ended in my old truck at 30+ (impact speed not before the hit the brakes speed) by a ford tarus and a new bumper and bed and she was good as new. wasn't very violent in the truck at all
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