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Originally Posted by Mishimoto View Post
^^ LOL... more like, who spent all their money on things at the Make A Wish raffle, so they had to go to their parents house and steal the "After Sun Aloe" from the bathroom cabinet........*raises hand*
lol i spent all my money on the raffle and told my parents to give me some cuz it was for a donation to make a wish :D

Nice sunburn and sunglasses tan for me lol
i love how all you guys actually care about the opinion of a girl when it comes to your car. if the bitch is complaining about it, rev it up and shift hard, throw her back in her seat. if she persists, just drive faster till shes scared. she'll respect it once shes afraid of it
Driving a nice honda around is like parading a hot chick in a prison yard.
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