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Originally Posted by BigJerseyDC5 View Post
Fridays are more commonly the busy night at 95. Theres no real place where people are just at chilling all the time. theres a cars and coffee this sunday at the dunkin donuts on polly drummond rd in with mcglynns. for delaware meets go on instagram and follow @outcast_crew @stancelyfe @gentlemenstreetclub @the_trenz. Those are where most of the delaware meets are posted. A couple weeks ago they did a late night run from the rest stop on 95 to tony lukes in philly. maybe like 20-30 turnout for that. Cars and Coffee is usually pretty big tho. Last one was near 100 cars.
I'll be going to the cars & coffee this weekend.
You'll lose a large part of those 35 lbs. when you pop out that crotchfruit.
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