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Originally Posted by c7scayman View Post
At NJMP, the track days cost me $200 which included class time, driving instructors, and personal track time without an instructor. It was with Porsche Club of America. I attended as a guest since I was not a member with PCA back then. Costs varies depending on what organization rented the track, or if you are trying to rent out the track yourself with a group of friends.
Also depends on what day of the week too. The tracks charge based on which day of the week and then the clubs pass that down. Also depends on how many folks are running.

I run with JoeyG ( and we charge $399 but that's for 8 hours of open track time, no run groups or anything and is limited to 40 cars. So there is rarely any more than 15-20 cars on track at any given time.

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