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Yea same, its ok, but it could be a lot better.

An ideal setup for me would be LT as clutch, RT as gas, B as upshift, X as downshift, and A as handbrake.

I can't stand the joystick ones tho. My driving style won't allow it.

I start to roll throttle on before I start to even let go of the brakes, pretty much brake boosting the car out of the turn. Can't do that if brake/gas are the same joystick. And the other one where the Cluch/handbrake are the joystick... Its easy to roll the clutch on, but I use clutch/hb to initiate a lot of my drifts, especially in cars with less than 250hp.

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Liberta you are the SJ meet president. You're supposed to be at every meet. No excuses.
someone comes up to you at a meet, you think he's gonna talk about your car but then he's like "this is your car right? i saw your car in traffic one day and some blonde bitch was sucking your dick....*high five*"
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