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Originally Posted by peteyturbo View Post
I was there in the Gray EVO..Ran crappy but still better.. I ran into some boost controller issues that I could not figure out..12.0@116.8 on race gas 23psi, 12.0@116 on pump gas 21psi..Waterbox owned me, 12.0's with 1.9 60-ft times should have been an 11.7 but oh well. The 12.0 wall still owns the crap out of me, damn the MR tranny..On a side note I was a new C6 corvette pretty easily on the way home..I need to get to a different track
You ran my close friend once tonight lol. She was driving her sunset orange ram air T/A withe welds out back.

Your car is pretty quick.

We are going back hopefully thursday. She'll have her T/A, I'll be there in mine, and my roommate is taking his blown T/A.....I can see a grudge match coming lol.

Mine = 11.190
His = 11.193
2004 Commemorative Corvette - 11.515 @ 122.22(bad trans)
2000 T/Am WS6 - 60: 1.537 - 11.190 @ 119.79 - SOLD[/IMG]

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