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February of 2007:

I ran into a deer and it took out my hood, passenger fender, head light, and some damage to my passenger front door. Thankfully the air bag didn't go off so I held onto the car and fixed it myself. I didn't get it fixed however till June of 2008!

March 2007:

Being that the stock 4T65E-HD transmission in my car out of glass, I lost 4th gear in my transmission at around 135K. I had only put 6K on the car and already it needed a new transmission. I didn’t want to have to worry about the transmission for the life of me. So I contacted and traveled up to Dynotech Performance in New York with my car. They installed their Stage II Racing Transmission rated at 500HP with a 2750 stall converter and changed my gear ratio from the stock 2.93 to 3.29. They also installed my upgraded motor/transmission mounts and GTP engine cradle support bushings. These are much stiffer them my stock Regal ones. After I got my car back it felt like a totally different machine. The shifts were hard and quick and as well the acceleration was definitely quicker. The only thing that brought me back to reality was the totally cost of the transmission and labor. The bill came to $4,000 dollars. It was a bit expensive however well worth it for the long run. At least I can say the transmission cost more then the car did.

July 2007:

My original plans was to keep the mods simple. However I came across a member on a Regal forum I was on that was demodding and going turbo on his Buick Regal. The price he was selling the complete de-mod package for was well worth it. So this is what began "The Big Upgrade" to my Regal.

September 18th 2007:

Before I was to have "The Big Upgrade" done to my regal in later September, I wanted to run my car at Atco Raceway NJ first to get an idea of what the upgrades would do. I was pretty nervous however the guys said I did pretty well for it being my first time. My car at the time only had a beefed up transmission, fender well intake, and tune up parts so I was happy with the outcome. These cars do around 14.8-15.0 for a stock ¼ time.

This is what I ran the first time at the track:
• 1/4 = 14.594 @ 93.39mph on Street Tires 2.189 60 Foot

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12.900 @ 109.91mph 2.166 60Ft (Fastest 1/4)
13.374 @ 110.01mph 2.467 60Ft (Fastest Trap)

2004 Chevy Cavalier - 15.7 @ 90mph (Semi-Stock)

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