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Originally Posted by Tru2Blu View Post
I have given Hans tons of time to make things right, all i get if bull **** excuses like, "sorry man i just got bacc from vacation" or i was just about to send you a message, but im cleaning the garage so ill get bacc to you." And like ive said in other threads, hans knows his way around the 3s engine bay. the way he conducts business is all the way arse.

He is yet to hit me bacc about my syncros, and i know he has seen this thread, if he hasnt his girl did.

And as for you, luccy you. you were one that had a good experience. hat off to you. but you dont know what ive been thru with this dude, so you cant talk. ya dig? And i did not expect to get a 17 year old cat that runs like a 2009. I expected what he told me to be true. How do you tell me the trans was rebuilt and its grinding gears. bet you would be pissed of if that happened to you. correct me if im wrong. And since youve had so many good experiences with him. tell him to send me my syncros its only the right thing to do.
I still don't have a second gear syncro. When I come across one, I will let you know. I can't just whittle this bitch out of wood or purchase one for that matter. I had rebuilt that trans for another customer who had since blown his engine up. I bought the trans back from him and he told me it was still shifting properly. Why would I think differently? He never complained to me about a transmission problem, and he would have, if he had one, since he paid me to rebuild it.

Yes, I put in a 4 bolt used engine when I said I would put in a rebuilt 2 bolt. I told you that when you were buying the car.
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