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Originally Posted by rocknrace03 View Post
Those swaps are cool, and definitely more "correct," but man its damn hard to justify anything over crusty van motor these days. Its just too cheap and easy
No man I get it trust me, especially if you want power. I am a purist when it comes to Z31s, and the VG30 might be my favorite nissan engine next to the L28. I'd love to throw a RB in my Z31 if I could get a 200ZR crossmember , otherwise the stock VG30E won't ever come out (unless it blows up then I'd go VG33E).

But then again I am not building my Z31 for power, more for just fun Spring/Summer,Early Fall driving. That's why I don't have any definite plans to boost it. I mean I will if I can piece together a NA2T kit for cheap.
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