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Originally Posted by OutToWinPAHC View Post
Yes... but don't do it in Pittsburg or Philadelphia.... They have superseded code and plenty of case law that will cause you to land your @ss in jail. I wonder how myself, but play it safe.... concealed permit.

Open carry is perfectly legal while on foot in Pittsburgh without a LTCF and also perfectly legal in Philadelphia with a valid LTCF (because it's the only City of the First Class in PA). There is no superseding the Uniform Firearms Act... it is the law. The Philadelphia's Police Department, which is made up of barely educated, corrupt thugs who couldn't care less what the law says, have been told numerous times about open carry in Philly being legal with a LTCF... specifically during their 2009 MPOETC training. It's those warped individuals who have completely distorted the law and have some sort of false impression that open carry is illegal and who wrongly arrest/detain/steal openly carried weapons from people who are well within their rights to open carry within the city because they hold a valid LTCF.

Because of recent events, they have been updated yet again, but they have chosen to write it into their "department policy" that officers are to stop, disarm, and check for LTCF if they see someone open carrying. That's against the law, but they will continue to break the law until someone steps in and puts up a legal fight. Fortunately for all of us, whether we choose to open carry or not, that's happening right now.

Basically, after a long winded post, everyone needs to understand that open carry IS legal in both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and there is nothing in case law or otherwise that says anything about it being illegal. If you happen to get hassled by either department or at worst, detained or arrested or have your weapon confiscated, well then you might just end up with a good chuck of money for your troubles.

ETA: I didn't see your other post.. I thought you were saying don't OC in either city at all. I see that you understand that LTCF is required to OC in Philly, but it is not required in Pittsburgh unless you hop in a car.
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