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Glad others are happy, they did bad by me

They may be great with tuning on a dyno but don't trust them with a wrench.

Did some work on my daughter's Legacy GT and forgot to tighten the belt tensioners for the alternator and AC belts. A week later on the turnpike everything came apart and the belts were shredded, stranding her 50 miles from home. I had to take the afternoon off to do an emergency repair and get the car back to the shop. The damage was two belts, the idler pulley and the cam cover. After a week it was finally fixed.

This was a major inconvenience and I expected some compensation. I asked them to change the radio, the aftermarket one was weak and we had a different one ready to go in. Apparently this was too much work for them to do, the harness had been cut and would require splicing the new one in.

Not once did I hear an apology and am truly upset about how they refused to compensate our inconvenience. Time to find a new Suby shop!
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