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Originally Posted by rodder View Post
Lansdale is too far? Seriously?? I drive PAST lansdale every day for my daily commute!

$3000 is a reasonable price for a quality full respray. I would be willing to put money down that a respray that costs less than a grand won't last more than a few years. (of course this doesn't apply if you "know someone" or can paint yourself)
very true. when anyone asks for an estimate for an overall job in the OEM color, just a respray with minor ding/dent repair, we explain that our jobs start at $2500. That's not to weed anyone out and it's sure not because we think we're the best of the best and have an elitist attitude, it's just how much it costs. Any business who quotes you +/- $1000 for a full paint job is going to cut costs wherever possible, which is basically everywhere. You will get sub-par prep work, materials, and overall workmanship. That's a fact.

There's a huge difference between getting a job done that looks okay and will function and getting it done where it will look as good if not better than it did when it was new and so that it will last.
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