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Originally Posted by PUREKDM View Post
how many negative threads are you going to make about gzp? seriously do you have anything better to do with your life? i have been going to gzp for years now and not ONCE was it a negative experience. any problem i ever had was dealt with quickly and correctly. why??? because i went back respectully and talked to them like normal human beings, not go online and cry like little girls when my 15 year old twin turbo engine blows up...many people on here had good experiences but its much more rare to see a positive review than a negative one. i've been at hans' shop when someone would drive back with a car they bought with an issue, he has dropped whatever he was doing, and even taken parts off of HIS OWN CAR to make sure what he sold was working to the buyers liking. as stated in here, the cars are NOTORIOUS for breaking. its a 15 year old sports car that has gone through 6 different teenagers beating the **** out of it...what do you expect....

from now on, make ONE thread saying "don't go to, buy from, get your car worked on by, eat diner with, look at, smell, or vote for the same president as Hans @ GZP". that'll save everyone a lot of time.
will he take the motor and trans out of HIS CAR and put it in Qs, since obviously neither have been rebuilt like hans said he did? Q is one of the most patient people i know. he went back countless times before posting anything on here. hans failed to make things right.. This thread, and future threads are to warn people of his shoty work, cars, and promises.
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