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Originally Posted by mr_eh View Post
light sarcasm, but am curious what they do in 1/4... 230whp isn't bad at all it should be low mid-low 14s ? is there a big difference in the awd/fwd times? they both come turbo? after the 240 is sorted out I wanna try for 200-250 in the integra, it's fun to whip around little peppy cars that wont cost an arm and a leg to fix
Yes there is a decent difference in the times I would think. The drive train loss in the AWD models are pretty crazy. The ATCO Nissan day had one heavily modded AWD Juke (it was apparently running on 20's though), and I was told it ran a 16.8.

Yes, all Jukes in this country come with a 1.6 DIG-T engine. European and Asian markets have a 1.5 and a diesel variant, and some don't have a turbo option at all. You are right about it being fun to whip around though. It's no RWD beast, but that's not my style anyway. I like different. I have been getting some surprisingly positive feedback from people after they saw what the car put down and how it looks now with a 2 inch drop.

This funky little crossover continues to impress me, and unlike my Sentra, I am not cutting corners with the Juke, and while I have already spent a small fortune on the car, it has been 100% worth it. It needs further adjustments for 20psi, as I think the stock boost solenoid is starting to reach its limits, and the clutch can not hold more then 18-20 psi on the street (It held 26 psi on the dyno, made 277 torque at around 4500 RPM before it blew a throttle body coupler lol).

The stock fuel setup is holding up surprisingly well, better then I thought at nearly 100hp more over the stock 188 crank HP. But come next year, a custom clutch and IC setup will be some of the first things done.
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