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2point4 do you want someone to draw you a Candyland_Chutes_and_Ladders.jpg diagram on PaintShop? Drive your jalope out to the streets and find out. Last two times you asked this question and tried to grab a rung, you slid down a bottomless mine shaft and the result was your avatarís image. The good thing is, like most Eagles fans, you should be used to disappointment by now.

G1GSX bring that car out for some runs. You can always hit it with some Jewish lightning when youíre done and solve any finance problems. Bizee will gladly assist.

bad360rt get that truck back out on the road again! I usually can only look at so many Camarostangs in one evening before I leave in disgust. So itís refreshing to see something unique, and that hauls ass + lumber. Plus, a lot of these guys will need a tow home after you put a beating on them.
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