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Originally Posted by HaveBlue83 View Post
i like how the police stopped us from using that back exit that about 300 cars used before us. that was real nice of them to do that. we were doing great until the cops showed up. :/

i know it's wrong but my family drove 1.5hrs in 4 cars and donated $80 to the fund alone, so a lil tire action to me seems meh. totally wrong, but thats how my mind works. its been going on for 7 years. every year people do burnouts until the cops come, then settle down. it's funny because there are TONS of people gathered @ the exit lanes on the barriers EGGING people to 'DO A BURNOUT" and yet the people doing some tire action are looked at with evil eyes. maybe if they didn't have an audience they wouldnt be "forced" to "show some tire" or "rev". LOOK at that back exit area....i didnt see anyone doing burnouts when they left there! only burnouts I saw was from the hecklers row area while we were bored as **** waiting to leave...... get what i am saying there? i know at the Morgantown meet that exit line was SWAMPED with people and cameras and the burnouts happened while the light was red or backed up.

**** im sorry but given a 10-1600hp car and hecklers row, **** is going to happen.
It's called growing the F-up and not being pressured into doing dumb stuff. People told me to do them, I looked at them and staired, looked away and ignored them after that. The point - The crowd is partially to blame sure, but mainly dirvers, they have a choice not to.

Originally Posted by Khellen View Post
You're not getting it. Sadly I think this is the attitude most people have when they come to car meets in general. Regardless of how you or anyone feels it's a fact that they'll be kicked out of any venue if people act retarded. It has nothing to do with what people want to see or what you think is has to do with what the property owner will allow on their property during the event.

The worst part of all of this is it's a pain in the ass for meet coordinators to have to track down new venues every year. I think if people knew all that goes into planning these events they'd be a bit more respectful of keeping the peace.

CF: Successfull meets always end up reaching critical mass at some point.
I have no sympothy for them having to find new meet spots. Same thing happened at this location as last year, burnouts. Guess what, the staff saw people acting like d-bags before they even parked and didn't turn them away.

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