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Originally Posted by HaveBlue83 View Post
i like how the police stopped us from using that back exit that about 300 cars used before us. that was real nice of them to do that. we were doing great until the cops showed up. :/

i know it's wrong but my family drove 1.5hrs in 4 cars and donated $80 to the fund alone, so a lil tire action to me seems meh. totally wrong, but thats how my mind works. its been going on for 7 years. every year people do burnouts until the cops come, then settle down. it's funny because there are TONS of people gathered @ the exit lanes on the barriers EGGING people to 'DO A BURNOUT" and yet the people doing some tire action are looked at with evil eyes. maybe if they didn't have an audience they wouldnt be "forced" to "show some tire" or "rev". LOOK at that back exit area....i didnt see anyone doing burnouts when they left there! only burnouts I saw was from the hecklers row area while we were bored as **** waiting to leave...... get what i am saying there? i know at the Morgantown meet that exit line was SWAMPED with people and cameras and the burnouts happened while the light was red or backed up.

**** im sorry but given a 10-1600hp car and hecklers row, **** is going to happen.
Wow, you should stop posting, or perhaps, continue posting so I can have a good laugh along with a few of my buddies.

1. Doens't matter if it went on for 7 years as you claim, as Khellen stated as well, this is what often causes locations to have to change because the meet is no longer welcomed anymore. The meet rules clearly stated don't do it. Plain and simple. There is no arguing your point when the people putting together the meet set rules that you or anyone else did not follow.

2. You and your family should have drove 1.5 hours to donate to a good cause and enojoy the cars, period. Any tool with a car can do a burnout. (Sorry AWD guys haha) Driving 1.5 hours to do a burnout is well, just stupid.

3. As far as people lining up and trying to encourage the stupidity, so what? You don't have the balls to ignore those people and be respectful of the wishes of the event coordinators? Oh my, there are people yelling at me to do a burnout, whatever shall I do!!!???
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