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Originally Posted by JeremyPA View Post
I'll probably join you guys again as long as we don't almost have a 20 car pileup on 476 again like last year.
Originally Posted by SteveSolara View Post
LOL yeah that was confusing. Everyone should have the same route to the park even if we are on a cruise, so no one gets lost.

I don't mind leading the caravan from the start this time, that is if Dante or anyone else doesn't want to do it and nobody minds driving slow

I'd suggest 2 leaders though and space out who has a GPS so everybody isn't rushing to keep up when accidentally left behind.

Reserving VIP tonight. Hopefully i'll have the motor together and back in the car for this. If not, at least I can still donate to a good cause without being present

I assume, in the event I do make this in time, I just bring a paypal statement?

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