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GeforceXtreme 06-04-2008 10:27 PM

The almost 12 second DD 2000 Buick Regal GS (Videos and Times)
Well guys the day as finally come and gone to get my car back to the track since getting all the mods done.

Sept 2007 I took my car to Atco before having all the mods done (besides already having the Transmission and FWI) and the best I ran was:

60' = 2.189
1/4 = 14.594
Trap Mph = 93.39

Yesterday June 2008 the best I ran which was my first run was:

60' = 2.120
1/4 = 13.115
Trap Mph = 106.08

I know I am capable of pulling off 12's however traction was really a big issue for me. I was on street tires and 1st gear was pretty much worthless. When you watch my videos below you will see that I take off like a grand mom because even up to around 40ish mph my tires would still break loose. I had my scanner in my car and the more runs I made the worse off my tune was. The night before I was scanning and going WOT and the entire time my LTFT were locked in at 0.0 and also my 02's were reading between 930-940. After putting race fuel into my car my LTFT were +3 at WOT and 02's were in the upper 980+ range. I was having no KR before racing so I really should have just stuck with 93 on my current tune.

Here are all my videos: My friend recorded the races for me on my point and shoot cam. Sorry they weren't closer but thats as close as it can get.

First Run:
This was my best run of the night and the car racing me broke down before running.

60' = 2.120
1/4 = 13.115
Trap Mph = 106.08

13.115 Quarter Mile First Run

Second Run: This was my worst run because I gave it too much gas and I spun. When I let off the gas a little to recover my car shifted into 2nd gear which pretty much made it into a dog. The SC Mustang ran a 12.199.

60' = 2.310
1/4 = 13.738
Trap Mph = 105.23

13.738 Quarter Mile Second Run

Third Run: This was the first time I raced this green gutted out civic. Those people really like to revv there cars high. It ran a 12.059.

60' = 2.205
1/4 = 13.231
Trap Mph = 106.93

13.231 Quarter Mile Third Run

Fourth Run: The white civic killed me off the line however not for long. As you can see/hear I can't go WOT until I am a good distance from the start line. The civic ran a 15.742.

60' = 2.339
1/4 = 13.357
Trap Mph = 106.98

13.357 Quarter Mile Fourth Run

Fifth Run: This was the final race of the night. I ran against that green gutted civic again. He ran a 11.994

60' = 2.194
1/4 = 13.272
Trap Mph = 106.25

13.272 Quarter Mile Fifth Run

All I can say is I had a very fun time and it was just great to get an idea of what the car now runs. Have to consider that the mods installed on my car since Sept 2007's track run was all done in one month. At least I can say I have a low 13 second daily driver. I am kind of glad I didn't run a 12 second because at least I have something to look forward too running next time. I hope when I go back with the correct size intercooler radiator, 2.7 pulley, tuned with a wideband, and drag radials I should be pretty much into the 12's.

peteyturbo 06-04-2008 10:57 PM

Great job, love the buick..Sounds like it has alot more in it..

1988 Olds 06-09-2008 12:50 PM

Looks good Mike, Can't wait to get mine fixed.

redline 06-09-2008 01:26 PM

Your a good 2.0 60' away from a 12 second pass:cool:

DocEwww 06-29-2008 07:15 AM

Thats a badass car man. I hope you get 12s this season!

GeforceXtreme 06-29-2008 11:56 AM


Originally Posted by DocEwww (Post 955726)
Thats a badass car man. I hope you get 12s this season!

Thanks man I hope to get the car to the track sometime soon. The car will sport a smaller pulley, the correct size FMHE, and wideband.

TRBO98BIRD 07-08-2008 02:42 AM

Nice running 3800. Such a great engine and few people get them going good. It's amazing that they will take as much abuse as they do. Get a good 60' and 12's are easy! FWD will make it hard, but doable. My 3.8 car has gone 1.63 60', but it's RWD.

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