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VictorSmalls 05-28-2010 10:23 PM

Sick GS. Do not see that many clean ones around anymore. Hopefully I will see you at an event or something sometime.

I really need to put up a build thread :)

GeforceXtreme 07-19-2010 11:23 PM


First time back to Atco this year with my new Gen V SC setup. Ideally I wish I was on a smaller pulley with the Gen V at the time. I had to run a 3.0 pulley being it was the largest I had being my 2.7" Pulley I was running on my old SC was way too small.

Got to the track pretty late and of course bad storms were rolling in. Was only able to run twice before it started pouring. It was already wet outside and my traction was horrible.

On my first run I ran a 13.475 @ 107.30 with a 2.417 60ft. I raced a Red SRT-4

On my second run I ran a 13.868 @ 105.74 with a 2.454 60ft. I raced a Red Mustang

GeforceXtreme 11-06-2010 11:50 AM


After having a great weekend with the crew and enjoying my car all that time around 11pm Sunday night... snap!

I was crossing an intersection to pull into my buddies neighborhood just about ready to drop everyone off and go home. I gave it "some" gas to get going and all of a sudden I hear something snap and never thought I see my car revve up so high so quick lol.

Anyway I coasted to a stop and I never felt so sick in my life. I seriously thought I snapped something internally in my trans which most likely would be the end. However after getting out and looking under the car I was so happy to see that it was my driver side axle once again. I mean it still stunk however I rather it be that then a transmission that cost more then my car did.

So with only 11K I snapped another HD axle in half. I guess its time for an ever better upgrade. I can't complain being I have 155K on the car and have only broken 2 axles and lost 4th gear in the trans. I guess these axle's don't care for the boost it sees with the new supercharger.

Guess its time to hunt down even better axle's that can hold up to the punishment of my 3.8 torque monster.. yeah right!

GeforceXtreme 11-06-2010 12:32 PM


I once again took my regal and a few other buddies over to the Sloppy Mechanics Fall Dyno Day in Allentown Pa. As always it was a fun time and got to see a lot of cool cars go on the dyno.

I just had to mess with my tune before going on the dyno which was a big mistake. This put my AFR in the mid 12's to low 13 range which was way too lean for my setup. Ideally I was supposed to be running 11.8. This resulted in knock on the dyno which dropped my timing.

I did make more WHP then last year (319WHP) with my old supercharger setup, however not as much more as I thought.

My first dyno run I did:
HP = 325.46
Torque = 326.31

My second dyno run I did:
HP = 332.75
Torque = 328.98.

The gains may have not been too much on the dyno however the car certainly a totally different machine after the SC upgrade.

Here is a video of one of the dyno runs:
333 WHP Run

GeforceXtreme 11-06-2010 12:33 PM


Being I haven't been back to the track this year since May and ran some horrible times I wanted to try to make up for it before the 2010 season was over.

A few of the guys and I went over to Atco and honestly there was no one there. If I wanted to I think I could have ran like 20+ times last night if I just kept going.

This time around I was on a 2.8 pulley, 11.7 AFR, 17* timing, street tires, and 93 pump gas.

I made a total of 7 runs last night:

1st Run = 13.216 @ 109.03mph with a 2.361 60ft
2nd Run = 12.900 @ 109.91mph with a 2.166 60ft (Fastest 1/4 Run to Date in Car)
3rd Run = 13.475 @ 109.10mph with a 2.479 60ft
4th Run = 13.374 @ 110.01mph with a 2.467 60ft (Fastest Trap Speed to Date in Car)
5th Run = 13.108 @ 109.00mph with a 2.283 60ft
6th Run = 13.147 @ 109.03mph with a 2.347 60ft
7th Run = 13.009 @ 109.84mph with a 2.281 60ft

So I ran my fastest time and fastest trap last night which was pretty cool. If I ever want to run any faster I am certainly going to need to get some DR’s or slicks to get the power to the ground to lower my 60 foot times.

GeforceXtreme 11-19-2010 02:15 PM


Updated my member's journal a bit by posting the dyno video of my car back in Oct.

Also a few weeks ago with the help of my detailing buddy Manny we prepared my car to be stored away for the winter. We cleaned it up and put a fresh coat of wax on her. Threw the car cover back on the car and that's it for 2010. Won't be much going on with the car till next year. If I wasn't saving my pennies for a future home, I be planning the next level of mods for the car for 2010. So just plan to enjoy the car for what it is and into the far future.

The01Cav 12-19-2010 12:48 AM

Damn this is one SEXY sedan!

Auto-Vim 05-21-2012 09:01 AM

2004 GS Dual Exhaust
Wow, very nice regal. I would like to add dual exhaust to my 2004 GS. I'm just looking to get a slight performance sound to it and give it the look it deserves. Any ideas on very low cost options for that along with a good way to do the cut out for the second exhaust.

GeforceXtreme 06-08-2014 03:43 PM

I am just gauging interests about selling my 2000 Buick Regal GSE. This was the first car I bought myself in December of 2006. At the time it had 129K on it. It currently sits with 157K on the original engine/body. The transmission was replaced in August 2007 with a Dynotech Stage II 500hp racing transmission that cost me more than the car itself. It was installed when the car had 137K and it only has 20K on it now. I daily drove this car from Dec 2006 until August 2008 when it had 150K. At that time it had body work and some paint done to the car and from that time, it was garage kept and became a very limited driven car. I hardly drive it anymore due to other things going on in my life and I just hate to have it sit not being used. So I am considering selling to the right owner and if the price seems logical to let it go for. A great deal of money and time has been invested into this car. So letting this car go isnít going got be as easy as the others I have parted with. If you are expecting this car to be showroom spotless, it isnít. However for a 14 year old car with 157K, it canít say itís bad looking either. More than welcome to take a look at it yourself. The car has been sitting a lot and I had it out the last two days and it drove like it never was.

Here is a pretty detailed journal about my cars history from pretty much day one of ownership:

Here is a link of pictures of the car:

Street tire setup with pump gas:
12.900 @ 109.91mph 2.166 60Ft (Fastest 1/4)
13.374 @ 110.01mph 2.467 60Ft (Fastest Trap)


camopaint0707 06-08-2014 08:45 PM

God I want.

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