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Jon@WrightAgency 03-17-2008 11:45 PM

This is such a cool thread/car. I just read the specs and man what a sleeper this is.

My Grandfather was a Buick/Olds/GMC dealer my whole life (sold dealership in 2003) and he is def. smiling down on this thread :)

Keep up the good work...and i wouldnt be mad at you if you blacked the car out (wheels, grills, trim, etc) hahahaha!

GeforceXtreme 03-17-2008 11:54 PM


Originally Posted by Jon@WrightAgency (Post 841739)
This is such a cool thread/car. I just read the specs and man what a sleeper this is.

My Grandfather was a Buick/Olds/GMC dealer my whole life (sold dealership in 2003) and he is def. smiling down on this thread :)

Keep up the good work...and i wouldnt be mad at you if you blacked the car out (wheels, grills, trim, etc) hahahaha!

Yeah I love the car and I hate to see it parked in the garage now but it really needs it. I keep driving it and having it broken forces me to fix the things like that CV joint and as well as getting some new struts which is needs badly. The car is pretty much blacked out. The only thing on the outside of the car thats chrome are the rims. Everything else on the car is black now. I also forgot to include that once I get back from the big meet in May I plan to get the body work and do the brake upgrade. Can't wait not to have deer damage anymore!

GeforceXtreme 03-25-2008 05:55 PM

I posted above that I finally snapped my CV joint in half. Well instead of just fixing that I decided to pickup some extra parts as well.

CarDone Driver/Passenger CV Joints
KYB AGX Adjustable Front/Rear Struts
Vogtland Sport Spring 1.378" Lowering Kit
AC Delco Driver/Passenger Grand Prix GTP Lower Control Arms with bushings and ball joints
AC Delco Front/Rear Strut Mounts

I also bought a Pontiac Grand Prix GXP brake petal to upgrade my stock one but that is a later upgrade. I hope to start pulling the car apart this weekend. Going to get to see my regal on 4 jack stands for once hah. At least finally I will not have those blown out 144K orignal struts in my car. No more rear end sag and sloppy Suspension.

95naSTA 03-26-2008 11:18 AM

Sucks about your cv joint..

Now that your lowering it a little, you may want to get ot make your own shortened dogbone mounts. Not for vibration but because with the car lowered, those cv's see more stress.

I wish they made AGX's from my H-body..

GeforceXtreme 06-04-2008 10:26 PM

Results from Atco Raceway 6-3-08 (Videos and Times)
Well guys the day as finally come and gone to get my car back to the track since getting all the mods done.

Sept 2007 I took my car to Atco before having all the mods done (besides already having the Transmission and FWI) and the best I ran was:

60' = 2.189
1/4 = 14.594
Trap Mph = 93.39

Yesterday June 2008 the best I ran which was my first run was:

60' = 2.120
1/4 = 13.115
Trap Mph = 106.08

I know I am capable of pulling off 12's however traction was really a big issue for me. I was on street tires and 1st gear was pretty much worthless. When you watch my videos below you will see that I take off like a grand mom because even up to around 40ish mph my tires would still break loose. I had my scanner in my car and the more runs I made the worse off my tune was. The night before I was scanning and going WOT and the entire time my LTFT were locked in at 0.0 and also my 02's were reading between 930-940. After putting race fuel into my car my LTFT were +3 at WOT and 02's were in the upper 980+ range. I was having no KR before racing so I really should have just stuck with 93 on my current tune.

Here are all my videos: My friend recorded the races for me on my point and shoot cam. Sorry they weren't closer but thats as close as it can get.

First Run:
This was my best run of the night and the car racing me broke down before running.

60' = 2.120
1/4 = 13.115
Trap Mph = 106.08

13.115 Quarter Mile First Run

Second Run: This was my worst run because I gave it too much gas and I spun. When I let off the gas a little to recover my car shifted into 2nd gear which pretty much made it into a dog. The SC Mustang ran a 12.199.

60' = 2.310
1/4 = 13.738
Trap Mph = 105.23

13.738 Quarter Mile Second Run

Third Run: This was the first time I raced this green gutted out civic. Those people really like to revv there cars high. It ran a 12.059.

60' = 2.205
1/4 = 13.231
Trap Mph = 106.93

13.231 Quarter Mile Third Run

Fourth Run: The white civic killed me off the line however not for long. As you can see/hear I can't go WOT until I am a good distance from the start line. The civic ran a 15.742.

60' = 2.339
1/4 = 13.357
Trap Mph = 106.98

13.357 Quarter Mile Fourth Run

Fifth Run: This was the final race of the night. I ran against that green gutted civic again. He ran a 11.994

60' = 2.194
1/4 = 13.272
Trap Mph = 106.25

13.272 Quarter Mile Fifth Run

All I can say is I had a very fun time and it was just great to get an idea of what the car now runs. Have to consider that the mods installed on my car since Sept 2007's track run was all done in one month. At least I can say I have a low 13 second daily driver. I am kind of glad I didn't run a 12 second because at least I have something to look forward too running next time. I hope when I go back with the correct size intercooler radiator, 2.7 pulley, tuned with a wideband, and drag radials I should be pretty much into the 12's.

GeforceXtreme 08-31-2008 10:57 PM


Back in February 2007 I hit a deer which damaged my passenger fender, head light, door, hood, and bumper cover. Well finally yesterday August 2008 1 year and 6 months later I got my car back from the body shop. The reason it took so long was I wanted to take care of working on all the mechanical stuff before taking care of the body work. If you like to see the before pictures go back to the first page.

While the car was in the body shop other things were taken care of:

1.) De-chromed and tinted front head lights
2.) Installed new tinted fog lights
3.) Tail lights were slightly darkened.
4.) Installed much larger Frozen Boost Front Mount heat Exchanger.
5.) Installed SLP Buick Regal GSX Dual Exhaust Templates.
6.) Finishing up work on SLP Buick Regal GSX Spoiler to be installed at later date.
7.) Painted C5 Corvette Brake Calipers Black/Gray like body of car with red raised "Corvette" letters.

Album of pictures taken: Album of all pictures taken yesterday/today

DelayedZ 08-31-2008 11:52 PM

The only Buick I'll ever fear other then a GNX, looks good!

GeforceXtreme 10-18-2008 02:01 PM

Well me and a buddy quickly decided to pack our things up and head over to Atco last night. The last time I went to the track was back in June which I ran a 13.115 @ 106.08 with a 2.120 60 foot on race fuel.

When I went to the track last night I wanted to see what my car did with 93 octane only so the first 2 runs I ran with 93 then the 3rd and 4th I ran with 110. The different from last time at the track to this time was I was commanding more WOT timing (around 20) had my frozen boost FMHE installed, and WOT rpm shifts were much higher then before.

1.) 1st Run I ran all by myself again on 93 octane. I was seeing KR at 4800rpm in 3rd gear so I lowered it one to 19*.

60' = 2.329
1/4 = 13.214
Trap Mph = 108.45

2.) 2nd Run I ran against my buddy however I threw him off resulting in a time that does not respect what his car really does. This was once again with 93 octane. I did not see any KR this run if i recall.

60' = 2.275
1/4 = 13.147
Trap Mph = 108.32

3.) 3rd Run I ran against a SC Cobalt SS. The only thing I could see he had done to the car was install a smaller then stock pulley. He ran a 13.908. I was running on 110 octane this time around. This was my best time of the night and to date.

60' = 2.150
1/4 = 13.003
Trap Mph = 108.31

4.) 4th Run I ran against a 99-04 gen Mustang GT. I don't know if he fell asleep however he ran a 15.780? I raised my WOT RPM shift a little to see if I could somehow pull off a 12 however no luck this time.

60' = 2.235
1/4 = 13.126
Trap Mph = 108.25

If I could have SOMEHOW pulled off a 2.0 60 foot I would have been into the 12's last night. However with running 225 street tires I guess its pretty freaking hard to do so. My best 60 foot to date is a 2.1 and that was trying extremely hard to lay into the petal but while at the same time not trying to spin the tires. I REALLY want to try to hit a 12 on street tires before I change over to DR's. I have to say though it was nice seeing a lot of guys coming up to my car being impressed that my size of a car ran a 13 flat. That made me feel good. Also my trap seemed to be much higher this time around. Before I was trapping at 105-106mph and all last time I was doing 108mph. I also ran a 13.1 on 93 octane (would have been better if my 60 foot was lower.

My buddies best of the night was a 14.2. That is pretty impressive on a stock pulley, exhaust (no headers), intake, and very mild tune. Considering these cars stock run 14.8-15.0. He owns a 1999 Buick Regal GS

OMGz Turbo 10-18-2008 03:05 PM

i wanna go for a ride mike, bring it to levittown now

Mercury 10-19-2008 12:39 AM

What a sleeper! Throw some DR's on there and pull some 12s!

GeforceXtreme 10-19-2008 03:06 PM


Originally Posted by Mercury (Post 1084901)
What a sleeper! Throw some DR's on there and pull some 12s!

Throwing on DR's would just be too easy.. hah. I REALLY want to try to get into the 12's on street tires. I just need to get my wideband installed and tune better at WOT. I don't really have a good idea of what the car is doing at WOT. I also would like to try out my smaller pulleys but I need to make sure my car is fully tuned before doing that. According to my clubs 1/4" standings I am currently into the 12's according to my trap speed... just need to get myself off the line better.

Cardriverx 10-20-2008 01:50 AM

thats awesome, that would be an amazing DD. When the difference is .004 sec, you can run 12s like it is, just gotta go on a good day haha.

I may have missed it, but what do you use to tune?

GeforceXtreme 11-11-2008 02:37 AM

Well I went over to a local park near me that I haven't been into for like 3+ years. All I know is I wasn't even driving before I was at this park hah. I remember there being a lake so I wanted to check it out. It was such a nice day (for being 50F) that I decided to take a trip over there.

Core Creek Park Album

GeforceXtreme 11-11-2008 02:39 AM

Some new speedometer videos (Stock vs Modded comparison)

I was coming back from taking pictures at the park when I decided to do some new speedometer videos. I had the camera in the car so what the heck. I didn't WOT any slower then 40mph because I didn't want to burn my tires up hah. Its just funny looking back at my first speedometer video (almost stock) with just a transmission and intake and HOW much slower it was! Also since I have increased my WOT shifts my boost seemed to go up to 12.0 instead of it always being at around 10psi range. That goes to show me that my stock heads are maxing out at over 6,000 rpms.

These videos just go to show you what these cars are capable of doing from stock to modded out.

1st video from today is from 40 to 110mph
Best 1/4 = 13.005@108.31mph

2nd Video is from today is from 50 to 105mph
Best 1/4 = 13.005@108.31mph

3rd Video is from earlier this year right after I had most of my mods installed. 20 to 110mph
Best 1/4 = 13.115@106.08mph

4th Video is when my car only had a transmission and intake. 20 to 105mph (forever!)
Best 1/4 = 14.594@93.39mph

olletsocmit 11-11-2008 02:46 AM

thats awesome man.

GeforceXtreme 12-01-2008 02:39 AM


Well my friend Manny (1999 Regal GS) Me (2000 Buick Regal GSE) and another friend Dave (2003 Dodge SRT-4) went to Import DPS on 11-22-06 because they were having a 3 dyno runs with A/F for only $45 bucks. At this point I have not dynoed my car so I had no idea what it would put down.

In the first run my car put down 315WHP which sounded about right for my setup. Then the 2nd run I did 407WHP and 411WHP on the 3rd run. I think the reason the 2nd and 3rd run was so off because my car downshifted and did a 1st gear pull on the dyno instead of a 2nd gear pull like it did in the 1st run. As much as it was cool to see 400WHP it just didn't seem right for my current mods. So most likely the 315WHP is what my car is putting down. That sounds about right being on club GP the highest WHP with a VS cam is 341WHP and that's with stage III heads vs my stock heads. I am just happy that my car puts down over 300WHP to the ground.

Manny's Regal put down around 255WHP and Dave's SRT-4 put down around 265WHP.

First Dyno Run

Second Dyno Run

Third Dyno Run

And here are the rest of the dyno video's
Import DPS Dyno Day 11-22-08

GeforceXtreme 03-09-2009 10:00 PM


After getting my car painted back in June/July 2008 I decided with the amount of expenses and miles my car already had at the time I was going to retire it as my daily driver. So as we got into the winter months I parked my Regal and started driving a 4 cylinder 5 speed beater I picked up. I have been enjoying the amazing mpg and manual trans. Being that we are now getting closer to spring I think its time to bring the regal out again. I still have some work I have to do with the car. I still have to install my Corvette brake upgrade, install my PLX wideband, poly dog-bone bushings, and try to pick out a set of 17” rims so I can eventually install some much needed wider tires. The narrow 225 tires are just not cutting it anymore on this car.

With the amount of people going turbo these days in my car I have been extremely tempted to demod my setup and go turbo. However I feel like I just had this setup installed onto my car and I hardly have any runs on it. My best so far is 13.003 @ 108.31 on street tires and pump gas and pulling a 3500lbs sedan. At that time my car was putting down around 320WHP at around 10psi if I recall. So instead of going turbo my goal for 2009 is to break into the 12’s on my everyday 225 wide street tires and pump gas. I want to break 12’s on a street setup before slapping on a set of drag radials which would make it all the much easier to accomplish this goal. I am not sure if I am going to be able to get off the line any faster then I am now. I just hope with my wideband installed, much better tuning because of the wideband installed, and possibly drop to a smaller pulley I can pull off 12’s finally on a street trim. I am so close it stinks! I just hope the first time I take it onto the track for 2009 I can somehow pull off a 12.99. My 108mph trap time is definitely there. I just need to do better then a 2.1 60 foot to get me that 12 second run finally. I plan to be going back to Atco to accomplish this so hopefully some of you guys will be there to catch my goal for 12’s. Wish me luck!

GeforceXtreme 06-14-2009 03:55 PM


Centerline wheels & C5 Vette brake upgrade complete!

Well over the weekend I finally had the chance to install the following Wheel/Brake upgrade items:

Centerline Monsoon Series - Storm 17"x7" High-Polished Wheels
General Exclaim UHP 245/45/ZR17 Tires
Goodridge Steel Brake Hoses
C5 Corvette Front Brake Calipers painted Gunmetal Gray
F-body Camaro Front Brake Caliper Brackets painted Black, Pads, and 12” Rotors
Morse Ceramic Front/Rear Brake Pads
EBC Ultimax BlackDash USR Slotted Front/Rear Rotors

My stock braking system was lacking greatly with the modifications I have installed into my car. Upgrading my brakes should have been one of the first items I did however finding what I was looking for took some time. The funny thing is on the way to my buddy’s garage to install all these upgrades I almost rear-ended someone that slammed their brakes on right in front of me. With all the extra weight in my car plus my lacking braking system it was way too close for comfort. So I knew I just had to get this done this weekend. I took some quick pictures while I was doing the work and right after. They aren’t the best but you get the idea.

Stock front setup with 10.9” plain rotor and single piston cast-iron caliper

Upgraded front setup with 12” slotted rotor and C5 Corvette dual piston aluminum caliper

Stock rear setup with plain rotor

Upgraded rear setup with slotted rotor

Stock front 10.9” rotor vs 12” slotted rotor

Stock front single piston caliper vs C5 Corvette dual piston caliper

Stock front brake pad vs F-body Camaro pad

Front Wheel

Finished Work

I was worried there was going to be too much wheel gap being I was going with a 45 series tall tire and my car only has a 1.3” drop. After dropping the car onto the ground there was some wheel gap. However thankfully this morning after the suspension had time to settle the wheel gap isn’t that bad.

I have to say the upgrades were well worth it. The car handles/performs/brakes much better than it did before. Also shedding 50lbs+ possibly will help me with gas mileage and as well performance. With the much lighter wheels/tires that will also help with taking some stress off my axles and transmission. The car does seem faster to me then it did before so I must have taken off some weight. However that could all just be in my mind hah.

GeforceXtreme 07-01-2009 12:28 AM


I have had the wheels on the car for a few weeks now and I love them. Every time I went to take a picture either the weather was bad or I just didn't have the car out. I haven't had the time to take any pictures of the car since the Centerline wheel upgrade and also my C5 Corvette calipers went on. These were taken at the Shady Brook show last week with my point and poop camera. Hopefully one of these days a member on the site here with a "professional" camera can take a better picture of the car. All I can say is the car looks great to me considering I drove the car over a year with really damaged paint and the entire front end smashed up from a deer.

ketchup! 07-01-2009 01:41 AM

looking good mike, but AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH wheel gap. you need air

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