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elff 07-11-2011 07:38 PM

Possessed Elff
Greetings from Keebler PA

elff 07-11-2011 07:39 PM

Actually West Chester

elff 07-11-2011 07:40 PM

But I digress as I am wasting posts so I can finally post pictures.

Got Insulin? 07-11-2011 07:44 PM

Welcome, but please refrain from doing that in the future.

lownslow95 07-11-2011 07:46 PM


elff 07-11-2011 07:48 PM

Hope to finally start getting out to some local events again.
If I've run into anyone here, please post up and remind me. Always cool meeting other enthusiasts in the area

And here is the Devil in White

Literally, Her name is Lucy

Slaying the Dragon

2008 Polar White Sky Redline
Built 4/2008
Purchased 6/2008
Leather Seats

Under the hood
Borg Warner EFR 6758 Turbo
SFR Intercooler Pipes
DDMWORKS Banshee Intake for the EFR
DDMWORKS T25 exhaust manifold adapter
Freedom MotorSportz 3 Downpipe
Magnaflow 3" exhaust
Lusifer Custom HPT Tune
Powell Oil Catch Can
DDMWORKS 2.0L LNF Performance Clutch kit
DDMWORKS Short Shifter
Competition Head Porting
Shaved Head and 3 Way Valve Job
Supertech Valve Springs/Retainer Kit
Supertech Intake Valves
Supertech Exhaust Valves
Wiseco Pistons with Ceramic coating
Carillo "H" Beam Rods
E85 Fuel Injector Seals
AEM / Devils Own Hybrid Meth Injection Kit
AEM Water/Methanol FAILSAFE Device
DDMWORKS Powder Coated Valve Cover
DDMWORKS Powder Coated Coil Cover
DDMWORKS LNF Intercooler
DDMWORKS Fuel Filter
DDMWORKS Silicone Upper Radiator Hose
DDMWORKS Fender Well Trim Kit
Bosch 3 Bar Tmap Sensors

ZOK Front Swaybar
ZOK Rear Swaybar with Energy Suspension Bushings
BC Racing Coilovers with Custom Spring Rates
LVFCB "Venom" Brace

Wheel and Tire
Staggered OZ Ultraleggeras (18.8 front 18x9 rear)
Continental DW Tires (245/45 front 275/40 rear)
Wilwood DP6 6 Piston front Calipers
Wilwood Combo parking brake rear Calipers
13 front 12.3 rear Zinc plated & Slotted rotors
Wilwood BP10 Brake Pads
TCE Stainless Steel Brake lines

Norm's Fiberglass Rear Fascia
VDI vertical doors
Tinted Rear Taillights
Tinted Fog Lights
Tinted Side and Rear windows
Aftershock Clear Marker Lights
Front Marker To Turn Signal Conversion
Cobalt Black Painted Door Handles
Complete De-chrome Storm Trooper Color Scheme

Baby Bella Rottweiler Memorial Ornament
DDM Dual Gauge A Pillar Pod
AEM Analog Boost Gauge
AEM Water/Methanol Flow Gauge
JPM Leather Center Console
JPM Shift Knob
JPM Seatbelt Loops
Heated Seats
Opel GT Steering Wheel Emblem
Black Vinyl wrapped door handles

Kenwood DDX9703S radio
Kicker Subwoofer mounted in Monsoon Enclosure
Alpine PDX V-9 Amplifier
DashBoss with iPhone Bluetooth App
Windrestrictor with custom etching + lighting
Hood and Trunk LED Lights

lownslow95 07-11-2011 07:50 PM

Definatley different, and unique. Looks good.

elff 07-11-2011 08:09 PM

I didn't realize I would be "technically" buying a collector item in 2008 due to GM dropping Saturn and Pontiac. Thankfully it shares a lot of common parts with other GM cars and there is a good aftermarket community for it.

cookiemonster17 07-11-2011 09:54 PM

dam looks dope...i got powdercoated purple sky rims on my car now...did they make a removebale hardtop for the skys? i know solstice has it...i would only get this car if it had that a custom done hood too?

elff 07-11-2011 10:34 PM


No one made one like the one you see on the scca solstice.
A company called smoothline did make a sky one but it leaked and was not a good fit.

The only part of the body that is not stock is the rear fascia.
The hood is stock. The vents are wrapped in vinyl and the rest is painted black.

Eion 07-12-2011 01:02 AM

it looks a little scary but sexy at the same time.

05Accent 07-12-2011 01:06 AM

welcome to tst.

Slevin 07-12-2011 04:08 AM

i find it strange that the headlights come up with the hood

Ender81 07-12-2011 07:06 AM

I dig it. I wanted a solstice in the worst way when they came out since I don't really fit in most two seater convertibles lol.

rnbMS3 07-12-2011 07:21 AM


Originally Posted by Slevin (Post 2016304)
i find it strange that the headlights come up with the hood

i was wondering the same thing.

love the car. and i hate convertibles lol. i don't fit in them and i never liked the look of them but this car is sick. and 350rwhp? that's sick

cookiemonster17 07-12-2011 10:59 AM

i wish the solstices had this front bumper hood and side vents...anything else planned?

elff 07-12-2011 11:06 AM

I have front and rear wilwood brake kits ordered from TCE.
They should arrive next week.
Then, new clutch, K1 rods and Wiseco pistons.
That's to support some additional power later down the road.

elff 02-13-2013 11:02 AM

Finally getting around to my engine Build.

The Custom E47 Tune and increased Redline eclipsed the stock Valvetrain and forced me to get my butt in gear. So I dropped my car off at my speed shop.
Here is the list of items being performed.

Motor dis-assembly, cleaning of block and head, re-assembly Balance Crankshaft
Polish crank
Deck Block
Timing Chain Tensioner
Rear Main Seal
Timing Cover Gasket 2.4-2.0L
Main Bolts 2.4-2.0L,
Girdle Bolts 2.4-2.0L
Wiseco Piston for 2.0L LNF engine. 86.5mm bore size with stock compression ratio of 9.2:1 (comes with slick sides, wrist pins, rings and locks)
Ceramic Coating for the Piston
ARP Head Studs
GM Water Pump
Carillo "H" Beam Rods for the LNF
Rod Bearing 2.0L set Head Gasket-2.0L
Ethanol resistant Fuel Injector Seals
5th Injector install using a Siemens 630cc injector and Devils own Progressive controller.

Competition Head Porting includes shaving the head and 3 way valve job Valve Seals,
Valve Cover Gasket 2.0L Ecotec
Supertech Valve Springs/Retainer Kit
Supertech Intake Valves (2 Per Cylinder)
Supertech Exhaust Valves (2 Per Cylinder)

Then put it all together and back into the car

Should make the engine safe for up to 700HP
Goal is only 450-500HP which is the traction limit on tires that fit with no body modification

We are testing a new turbo to see if the Billet Wheel will spool faster and get more airflow up top at the same time. Theory says yes, reality does not always mimic theory. If that does not result in any more HP, but brings the spool down to stock, that would still be a win in my book.

elff 03-02-2013 03:59 PM

I updated the first post with the current list of mods.
Holy Crap is that ridiculous.
I cant believe how much has been done and is still being done. I have an addiction.

We are converting the car to be a 6 speed using a GTO T56 transmission, custom clutch, adapter and backbone.
This will make first gear useable again. With the 5 speed its so short the instant the turbo kicks in I need to shift

SHOdude 03-04-2013 10:47 PM

at first I was like " Vertical doors?! :rotfl::screwy: " Then I saw turbo t56 and "I was like :mrgreen::bigeek::rally: "

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