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Soda Popinski 08-04-2010 09:48 PM

Need a Co-Driver for 2010 NewEnglandRally

1500 miles, need a co-driver for 2008 Subaru Legacy GT, MUST BE WILLING TO DRIVE / CHANGE OFF EVERY FEW HOURS. Must be 21, must be able to read and navigate while the vehicle is in motion. The ability to read a map a must, not just reliant on GPS. Male / Female doesn't matter as long as you fit the above, lol.

Quick info on the car
  • Stage 4 Legacy GT
  • Stock Leather Seats / Seat Belts
  • 5EAT Auto can be driven in D or Manual Mode
  • Paddle shifters on the wheel or can auto-sticked
  • Car is lowered, stiffer suspension
  • Stage 2 brake kit, excellent stopping power
  • currently tuned to just over 315-320 to the wheels, torque to match
  • ABS
  • Si Drive (subaru variable drive by wire stuff)

I'll take care of making sure the car is safe, tuned up and oil changed, as well as any equipment or emergency items.

Entry fee cost me 800 and the codriver spot is already paid. He backed out, so the spot is free for 1 person.

Car will be marked #37

Please shoot me a PM if interested.

Event is the 1st weekend in August, Entry fee must be paid in full by June 6.
1500 miles across 6 states, 3 days. There is a chance to get entry fee refunded.

Their rules:
  1. must be 21 years of age
  2. must have a valid license
  3. You are expected to obey all traffic regulations and drive with courtesy and respect for all other people on the roadways at all times.

Soda Popinski 08-04-2010 10:39 PM

found a co-driver again...

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