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05-23-2010, 05:24 PM
INTRODUCING>> Eurojet EJ400 2.0T Turbo Kit

After about a year or so of development, Eurojet has entered into the final stages of the 2.0T Turbo Kit. We've gone back and forth with different turbo set-ups for the 2.0T, from a casting - to a Tubular manifold - and back to a more efficient and higher quality casting. We decided that ultimately we wanted to provide an OEM quality kit with the reliability for the street with potential for the track. This thread will be the official development and info thread for the EJ400 2.0T Turbo Kit.

We'll be providing updates and additional product info as we draw closer to the release. We're tying up the small odds and ends of the final hardware development i.e. Custom heat shield with integrated MAF brackets, vacuum lines, production oil lines, production-ready cold Air intake, and a few other bits…

The kit includes:

Eurojet Wastegate and N75 Valve Bracketry
Eurojet Investment Cast T3 310-Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold
Eurojet Spec'd T3 Internally Wastegated Garrett 3071 Turbo
Eurojet Full 3" Downpipe with 2" Divorced Wastegate Recirc Pipe
Eurojet Cast 3.5" MAF/Intake Pipe with DV Port and PCV Port
Eurojet Custom Intake Silicone with integrated N75 Recirc Port
Eurojet Custom Discharge Silicone with integrated N75 Recirc Port and OEM integration
Eurojet Cold Air Intake
Eurojet Custom BT Heatshield
Eurojet S3 Style DV Relocation or our Custom Mechanical DV Kit
Eurojet Style
Oil Lines
Programming & Fueling
All gaskets and hardware for installation.

Here are some hardware pics:

Investment Casts are pure, clean, seamless, and precise. Every EJ400 Manifold is made out of 310SS. We chose this process to make sure that every manifold was the same every time; no variations, no excessive heat, no imperfections, no welding flaws, no questions.


Cylinders paired for maximum flow and performance. We've created a 4-1 collector that will maintain velocity and keep your engine firing out all the needed horses.


A T3 Housing will allow for higher boost applications without raising your EGT's. Solid old-school design integrated with modern technology.


We cast and OEM PCV integration into our MAF/Intake pipe for a seamless install and OEM compatibility. We also include a block off for the guys running our Valve Cover and Catch Can Combo.


We've developed a custom Wastegate and N75 Bracket that bolts onto the compressor housing. It allows for an OEM fit and finish and your installation facility will thank you for not dropping a bunch of "problems" in their lap to solve on their own. It's all about the details…Simple things are often left out in the "kits" being sold, but are huge problems when overlooked in the design process.


Here are some underside shots of the Intake, Discharge, and Bracket. You can see the ports for the recirc in the silicone as well as the recirc in the intake silicone. We tapped the bracket so that the N75 Valve will bolt right up the same every time and leave room for proper vacuum lines. We also slotted the Wastegate section to allow for adjustability and fitment. Lastly, if you check out the Wastegate rod you'll see that we machined a custom extension for precise Wastegate control and function. Lot's of details, lot's of design, lot's of quality.



We designed a downpipe that will be modular with all of our exhaust systems; whether the slip-fit or the new V-banded systems that we've recently introduced. We're running a divorced downpipe/wastegate set-up. This eliminates the threat of boost creep at low boost levels and also manages the threat of high EGTs at peak power. We've recirc'd the Wastegate pipe back into the downpipe over 18" past the turbo to eliminate any interference or fluctuation in exhaust flow as well.



We're not quite finished with the bracketry for our Cast MAF/Intake pipe but you can see what we've done so far. We decided to cast this piece to ensure exactness with every piece. We also molded custom silicone that clears your brake booster canister and doesn't compromise your safety like low-quality intakes produced that are prone to rub right through this crucial component of your system. We've invested an enormous amount of time and resources to develop a top-level kit. We feel that adding a Cast MAF and Custom molded silicone sections are crucial for perfect MAF readings, OEM fit and finish, and increased reliability.



We've also been tinkering with some other off the wall components to upgrade your 2.0T. We're still in the development and testing stages, but we have figured out a few ways to integrate the OEM flap function, ALL OEM lines and clip locations, increase power, and keep it reasonably priced…Here are some preliminary drawings.



As always, this and all Eurojet products are available at our brand new 11,000 sq. ft. facility located in Burlington, NJ. Ask us about installation, too!

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