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10-05-2007, 11:47 AM
Owner Paul Hassall started in the auto body repair and refinishing
business over 25 years ago. After 17 years in the shop learning and
mastering heavy collision repair and painting, he then moved into shop
management. Later Paul transferred onto the insurance side of the business
as a field appraiser and manager for a major insurance company overseeing
nine shops. In 2003, Paul began managing a new body shop at 921 Route
100 in Bechtelsville. In September 2005, Paul and his wife bought that
shop and became Excel Collision Repair & Paint Specialists.

We started with just Paul and Dave in 2005, and through consistant
quality repairs and great customer service, we have now developed into
a team of seven employees; each hired based on the quality and pride in
their work.

As for me... My name is Mike. I've worked for Paul for a year and a few months already as a paint prepper/apprentice. My job has now shifted more towards internet sales/marketing. I'll handle a lot of eBay parts sales as well as our future used car department.

I have been involved with TST on a basic level for about while now as 95_GSR. After seeing the large group of people on this site who genuinely love cars of all kinds and seeing a need for a vendor covering the area of auto refinishing, I convinced my boss (Paul) to join TST as an official vendor, and he's very excited to get things going. I can tell already that it's going to be a great business decision as well as a great way to help out the TST community by making some of your cars all nice and shiny again!! :supz: